History of The London Marathon Charitable Trust

When Chris Brasher and John Disley founded the London Marathon in 1981, one of their original aims was to raise money for sport and recreational facilities in London. Their vision was that the profits from the event should go to a charity and they created The London Marathon Charitable Trust to distribute those profits.

Almost uniquely, Chris and John set up the charity as the holding company for the event organisation company to ensure that all the profits from the London Marathon - and future events - would go to The London Marathon Charitable Trust in perpetuity.

Since its founding, the London Marathon has been an extraordinary force for good that has inspired millions of people to participate in physical activity. The success of the London Marathon has enabled London Marathon Events Ltd to stage world-class mass-participation events in London, Surrey and Northamptonshire.

London Marathon Events Ltd holds 75 per cent of the equity and income of London and Surrey Cycling Partnership LLP (LSCP), which delivers the RideLondon festival of cycling for the Mayor of London and his agencies. All entry fees bequested by riders entering the ballot for the sportive in the event go directly to The Trust. In addition, London Marathon Events Ltd’s portion of the profits made by LSCP are gifted to The Trust.

Chris and John established both organisations with complementary aims:

  • London Marathon Events Ltd is constantly working to grow and improve the mass-participation sporting events it organises, the amounts raised by participants for charities and the positive impacts generated by inspiring people to take up sport.
  • The London Marathon Charitable Trust provides grants primarily for recreational facilities in the areas in which London Marathon Events Ltd organises events to enable and encourage more people to take up an active lifestyle.