All grant information

British Sports Trust
1990 Promotional video and distribution. 35,000
Capital Kids Cricket
1992 Cricket Equipment. 5,000
Care Trust
1988 Emergency Telephone Equipment. 5,000
Chance to Shine
2009 Playground markings at 15 schools 15,000
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
1988 Grant for promotion and operation of Scheme in London 8,000
1990 General grant. 25,000
London 2012
2005 Reserve for legacy stadia 150,000
2006 Reserve for legacy stadia 150,000
2007 Reserve for legacy stadia 150,000
2008 Reserve for legacy stadia 433,334
2009 Reserve for legacy stadia 650,000
2010 Reserve for legacy stadia 1,000,000
2011 Reserve for legacy stadia 1,000,000
2012 Reserve for legacy stadia 900,000
London Coaching Foundation
1994 Athletics Coaching in Schools in Southwark, Tower Hamlets & Westminster 39,030
1995 Athletics Coaching in schools in Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Westminster & Lewisham 52,040
1996 Athletics Coaching - further support 24,000
1997 Athletics Coaching - further support 37,500
1998 Athletics Coaching - further support 38,000
1999 Athletics Coaching - further support 41,000
2000 Athletics Coaching - further support 45,000
2001 Athletics Coaching - further support 46,000
2002 Athletics Coaching - further support 45,000
London Marathon "On Your Marks" Campaign
1992 Initial funding of SEAA & CCPR scheme to develop and encourage participation in athletics and sports generally. 50,000
1993 Second year funding of scheme 37,500
London Marathon Playing Fields
1998 Initial Reserve 350,000
1999 Increase of "war chest" 500,000
2001 Increase of "war chest" 250,000
2003 Increase of "war chest" 500,000
2004 Increase of "war chest" 300,000
2005 Increase of "war chest" 850,000
2006 Increase of "war chest" 1,000,000
2007 Increase of "war chest" 2,000,000
2008 Increase of "war chest" 2,000,000
2009 Increase of "war chest" 1,000,000
2013 Increase of "war chest" 750,000
London Short Mat Bowls Association
1997 New competition mats 9,204
Marine Society & Sea Cadets
1998 5 Rosalind skiffs 26,294
2009 Rowing boats for units across London 50,000
Maritime Volunteer Service
1997 Three Thames Waterman Cutters 32,000
1998 One Thames Waterman Cutter 13,300
2000 Waterman Cutter & Transprt 10,209
Middlesex County Lawn Tennis
1991 Short Tennis Equipment 1,910
Princes William & Harry Foundation
2011 Preservation of 99 park areas as Queen Elizabeth II's Fields 1,000,000
St John Ambulance
1990 New mobile unit 60,000
1995 Aireshelta 6,462
Sports Aid Foundation/Sports Aid
1996 Creation of Fund to Aid Young Athletes 25,000
1997 Continuation of funding for young athletes 25,000
1998 Continuation of funding for young athletes 20,000
1999 Continuation of funding for young athletes 25,000
2000 Continuation of funding for young athletes 30,000
2001 Continuation of funding for young athletes 40,000
Youth Sports Trust
1997 TOP Play & BT Top Sports programmes in 100 schools 25,000
2000 TOP Mini-soccer sets 24,100
1989 Mill Hall School for Deaf Children - Improvements to provide covered play area. 15,000
2000 2 sets “sportability” equipment 946
2003 Community Gym at Robert Clack School 50,000
2004 Outdoor crickets nets at Robert Clack School 29,495
2005 Climbing Wall at Dagenham Park Community School 50,000
2009 Dual use fitness suite at Jo Richardson Community School 150,000
2011 Play area for young children at Terling Road 60,000
  Pole vault & high jump equipment at Mayesbrook Stadium 42,573
1993 Part cost removable floor at Swimming pool. 10,000
1998 East Barnet PRA & Friends of Oakhill Park - Integrated play equipment for toddlers 9,999
2000 Redevelopment of 2 tennis courts for alternative use 18,548
  Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers - improvement to throws areas 17,133
2002 Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers - improvement to throws cage 1,306
2003 All weather pitch in Colindale 50,000
2005 Refurbishment of Barnet Coptall Stadium 160,000
2007 Rowley Lane Maccabi Sports Assn – All-weather Astroturf pitch 50,000
2009 Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers - refurbish & upgrade floodlights 45,650
2011 Improvements at Old Stationers Recreation Ground 150,000
2012 Regeneration of Copthall Playing Fields 150,000
2013 Outdoor gym equipment at Strawberry Vale Estate 30,000
  New MUGA at Mapledown School 30,000
  Wet room and changing for the disabled at Training Ship Broadsword 10,000
2014 Reinstallation of the bowling green and clubhouse at Training Ship Broadsword 45,000
2017 Towards the provision of floodlights at a popular, community-focused Tennis Club in Barnet, to enable increasing participation amongst under-represented inactive groups. 19,999
  Towards levelling of the site, the laying of 4 additional grass wickets and an artificial wicket in order to be able to expand participation at the club, particularly among Juniors and Women. 20,000
1998 Development of teenage village, Town Park 25,000
2001 BMX & Skateboarding Equipment, Town Park 9,000
  Cricket equipment, Bexley District Youth Development Group 15,247
2003 Landing pit, Europa Gymnastics Club 12,500
2004 Danson Youth Trust – extension to sports hall 28,000
  Friends of Marlborough School – new hydrotherapy pool 20,000
2005 Refurbishment of Ball Court & Floodlighting at West Street, Erith 13,500
  Refurbishment of Ball Court at Maran Way 36,400
  Portable floodlights for all-weather pitches at Erith School Community Sports Centre 20,000
2007 Increased gym area at Europa Weightlifting Club 3,900
  Replacement of artificial crickets net at Bexley Cricket Club 15,000
  Community sport & leisure facilities at Trust Thamesmead 150,000
2008 Multi-sports unit for Marlborough School Foundation 20,000
2009 Artificial cricket wicket for Bexley District Cricket Youth Devmt 9,000
  Erith Yacht Club – 6 additional boats 20,000
2011 Redevelopment of clubhouse at Dartfordians Community SC 100,000
2012 Belvedere Cricket Club - artificial wicket 10,000
2014 Purchase of outdoor gym equipment at Hall Place Park 17,500
  Installation of play facilities at Abbey Way Open Space 60,000
2015 Purchase and installation of an outdoor gym for use by residents in Thamesmead 19,999
  Replacement artificial turf pitch with floodlights for Danson Sports FC 19,999
1982 Indoor changing rooms at Stonebridge  
  Bus Garage redevelopment. 54,000
2000 Changing rooms & other facilities - Gladstone Park 60,000
2001 London Sea Cadets – 2 Jolly Boats, Welsh Harp 19,000
2003 Astroturf pitch, Stonebridge Housing Action Trust 100,000
2004 London Sea Cadets – RS Fever sailing boats 13,500
2006 BYTC Sailsports – Improvements to clubhouse 30,000
2007 Gladstone Park – refurbish old tennis courts for netball and MUGA 90,000
2008 Elmwood Tennis Club- Floodlighting 30,000
2010 Community park at Pinemartin Close Estate 45,000
  Gym & exercise equipment at Stonebridge Park Boxing Club 49,000
2011 New modular building at Welsh Harp for Marine Society
& Sea Cadets
  Community park at Unity Close Estate 50,000
  MUGA at Sherrans Farm Open Space 40,000
  Refurbish Sudbury Court pavilion and new pitch at
Vale Farm Sports Ground
2013 MUGA & table tennis tables at Tiverton Green 40,000
2016 Towards the provision of boxing rings and fixed gym equipment for Stonebridge Boxing Club for use during training and BoxFit classes in order to increase the number of inactive children, young people and adults taking part in regular activity in Harlesden, a deprived area of Brent. 10,000
1988 Girl Guides Association - Extension to cottage on camp site. 3,000
1991 Girl Guides association - Water pipes at Cudham Camp Site. 5,000
  Disabled hoist Darrick Wood School. 2,000
1996 Cambridge Harriers - Refurbishment of Clubhouse 20,000
1997 All-weather court at Penge Recreation Ground 20,000
  Fitness equipment for the disabled at Darwin Leisure Centre 17,436
  Bluebirds Wheelchair Basketball - 3 sports wheelchairs& computer equipment 5,800
2000 Beaverwood School for Girls - extension of sports facilities 75,000
  Guide Assn - Insulation & heating at the Shaws Camp Site 23,000
2001 Bromley Indoor & Outdoor Bowls Club – wheelchair access 7,000
  Storm Wheelchair Basketball Club – 3 sports wheelchairs 4,500
2002 Sydenham Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club – conversion of grass courts to synthetic surface & cover 30,000
  Bromley Field Studies Centre – disabled access 3,580
2004 Bishop’s Fund for Mission – all-weather playing surface 30,000
2005 Norman Park Athletics Track improvements 100,000
2007 New mats for Gates Green Short Match Bowls Club 1,380
2009 Indoor athletics venue at Kelsey Park Sports College 150,000
  Short mat bowling carpet for Friends of Glebe Housing 750
2011 Improve pavilion and renovate pitches at Sparrows Den
Playing Fields
2015 Changing room and clubhouse improvements at The Warman Sports Club to bring the facilities up to modern standards 100,000
  Towards a new pavilion at Chiselhurst Recreation Grounds for FC Elmstead 19,999
2017 Towards major improvements to the community hockey facilities at Eltham College in the London  Borough of Bromley, including the development of a new training area which will support coaching sessions for children and young people, targeted introductory and 'Back to Hockey' sessions for adults, and fitness sessions for parents. 100,000
1996 Creation of Fitness Area, Maitland Park Gymnasium 15,000
1998 Fitness equipment at Maitland Park gymnasium 10,000
1999 West Euston Sports Development  
  Gym equipment at Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre 6,540
2000 Youth Gym & snooker room at Somers Town Youth Club 83,989
2001 Calthorpe Project – changing room improvements & fencing 1,100
2002 Fitness Equipment at new Talacre Community Sports Centre 22,500
  Treehouse Trust – Bicycles for use by autistic children 1,000
2003 Regeneration of play area, Curnock Street Estate 46,300
2004 Coram’s Fields – refurbishment of children’s playground 39,950
  Holborn Community Association – renovations at Bedford House Community Centre 16,000
2005 Create cricket nets at Acland Burghley School 23,713
  Creation of playgrounds at Maitland Park Estate 57,500
2009 Create futsal pitch at the Calthorpe Project 46,300
  Refurbishment of ball court at Godwin & Crowndale Estate 40,560
2012 Holborn Community Association - upgrade of Community Centre 150,000
  Royal Parks - trim trail on Primrose Hill 75,000
  Coram's Fields- refurbishment of astro-tuff sports pitches 100,000
  LB Camden - gymnastics equipment at Talacre Community Sports Centre 66,662
2016 Towards the development of a first floor multi-purpose activity studio at Talacre Community Sports Centre in Camden which will allow the introduction of a range of new sessions targeted at inactive people and under-represented groups. 150,000
  Towards remodelling and refurbishing Bedford House in Camden to make this valuable and historic community sports centre more accessible and suitable for a wider variety of physical activities and users. 200,000
  Towards the purchase and installation of gym equipment in the free community gym at Samuel Lithgow Youth Centre in Camden, for use by a wide range of inactive groups including older people, unemployed adults and people with long term health issues. 15,000
2017 Towards the purchase of a new poolpod for Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre and a new wheelchair for Pancras Square Leisure to enable the Centres to increase the use of these pools by swimmers of all abilities. 20,000
  Towards the development and piloting of a training and resource package for swimming pool operators and their staff to increase usage and awareness of PoolPods and other accessibility devices, through greater marketing and promotion, and thereby encourage participation in swimming amongst those who have temporary or long term mobility impairments. 24,800
1981 Sports library. 1,500
1982 Equipment for Sports Council office. 3,000
1983 Refurbishment of rifle range at Blackfriars. 4,000
1984 Sports directory. 3,000
1985 Chess gardens within City open spaces. 4,000
1987 New pavilion at Finsbury Circus. 3,700
1988 Outfitting of Bowls Club pavilion - Finsbury Circus. 5,000
1989 Upgrading of floodlighting Parliament Hill athletics track. 5,000
1991 Ventilation system Barbican YMCA. 6,000
1992 Expansion work Barbican YMCA. 7,860
1993 Sound system Barbican YMCA.  
  Equipment for disabled at Golden Lane Swimming Pool. 7,285
1995 Pool Displays, Equipment 732
  Tennis court refurbishment 3,369
1996 Refurbishment of Changing Facilities Barbican YMCA 20,000
  Sports Equipment Barbican Open Space 1,591
1997 Pool cover at Golden Lane Swimming Pool 2,908
  New fence at play space, Avondale Square 15,723
1999 Disabled access, Golden Lane Leisure Centre 4,691
2001 Creation of ball games area, Yorkway Estate 55,537
2002 Resurfacing of games area at Sumner Buildings, Southwark 23,515
  Refurbishment of play space at Whitby Court, N1 22,202
2003 Improvements at Parliament Hill athletics track 62,500
2004 Refurbishment of court surfaces at Golden Lane Leisure Centre 14,321
  Play equipment at Sumner Buildings 12,000
2006 Cricket pitches at West Ham Park 19,965
  Changing rooms at Wanstead Flats 100,000
2008 Refurbish ball court at Golden Lane Estate 27,000
  Community sports schemes 51,200
2009 Community sports schemes 79,000
  Sports accommodation in Epping Forest for Orion Harriers 60,000
2010 New play area at St Peter's Hill 55,676
  Community sports schemes 83,000
2015 Creation of outdoor gyms in three estates within the City of London 19,999
1991 Facilities for disabled at Croydon Sports Centre. 15,000
1992 3 sailing boats at South Norwood Lake. 1,985
1996 Bowls Buggies for use by Disabled 4,560
1997 Indoor bowls carpets 2,805
1998 Ball court, Sanderstead Recreation Ground 25,000
1999 Shirley Short Mat Bowls Club - 2 short mat handling units 1,050
2003 Multi games court 75,000
2004 Refurbishments and upgrade of athletics facilities at Croydon Sports Arena 81,780
2010 New 8 lane all-weather running track at South London Harriers and Woodcote High School 190,000
2012 Streatham-Croydon RFC - new Community Sports Hub 110,000
2015 Creation of a playground that has been designed to be accessible for children of all abilities 19,999
  Towards the redesign and refurbishment of a well-used play area in South Norwood lakes to increase physical activity amongst 2-12 year olds in the Croydon area. 19,500
2017 Towards the purchase of 2 side-by-side cycles, 3 bicycles, 1 handcycle and 5 tricycles to be used at the Croydon Sports Arena to support people of all ages and abilities enjoy the benefits of cycling. 20,000
1997 Pool Hoist at Acton Swimming Pools 2,500
  Ealing, Southall & Middlesex Athletic Club  
  Gym & training equipment 5,000
  Featherstone High school - Matched funding for artificial  
  turf pitch & hard court area 88,574
1998 New multi-purpose sports area, Race Course Estate 40,000
2000 Multi-sports court at Islip Manor Park 24,534
  New gym equipment at Reynolds Sports Centre 30,000
  Gym equipment at Perivale Athletics Track 20,215
2001 New Cricket square for Shepherds Bush Cricket Club 50,000
  Safety surface at Northfields Pre-school 2,000
  Multi-use games area, Westcott Park Estate 25,000
  Changing accommodation, Perivale Park Athletics Track 75,000
2002 Provision of hoist for the disabled at  
  Dormer Wells Leisure Centre 5,000
2003 Creation of mini-soccer & other pitches, Swift Rd, Southall 75,000
2004 Active Ealing - kayaks for Ealing Canoe Club 11,000
2006 Artificial cricket pitch at Elthorne Park 5,000
  Changing facilities at Hanwell School of Boxing 50,000
2007 Active Ealing – New urban cricket facility at Southall Park 38,000
2008 Extension at Southall Sports Centre 75,000
2009 Improvement to hammer & shot facilities at Perivale Park Track 20,000
2010 Pavilion at Spikes Bridge Park, Southall 100,000
2012 Ealing Mencap - outdoor play equipment 12,000
  Hanwell School of Boxing - fitness room refurbishment & mezzanine floor 46,377
  Ramgarhia Sports Club - bring cricket facilities back into use at Durdan's Park 250,000
2013 Refurbished cricket field at Popefield Sports Ground  
  for Ealing Cricket Club 125,000
2014 Refurbishment of the pavillion at Osterley Cricket Club 70,000
  Creation of a new pavilion at William Perkin CofE School 150,000
  Improvements to track, pole vault and throwing area at Perivale Track 100,000
2015 Transformation of Gunnersbury Park into a regionally significant community hub 500,000
  Improvements to the indoor and outdoor sport and physical activity facilities at Rectory Park in Northolt 100,000
  Towards upgrading a MUGA, providing a new two-lane cricket practice net facility and a new outdoor gym at The Dormers Hub to provide a range of free physical activity participation opportunities in a deprived area of Southall. 100,000
2017 Towards security measures including CCTV and electronic gates at the London Marathon Playing Fields in Greenford to ensure appropriate security of the stadium site which will enable individuals and groups to continue to access the site for sport and physical activities, including home and away fixtures for team sports and clubs which are based at the site. 20,000
1997 Hard surface play area at Hood Avenue 30,000
1999 The Hanlon Centre - Replacement gym equipment 1,119
2000 Garden & sports project at Croyland Youth Centre 19,700
  Replacement of disused paddling pool with multi-sport facility, Jubilee Park, Edmonton 60,000
2003 Multi sports area, Craig Park, Edmonton 40,000
2004 Lee Valley Regional Park – gymnasium equipment 70,001
2006 Cricket nets – Edmonton Cricket Club 27,800
2009 New track at Queen Elizabeth II Stadium 150,000
2010 Upgrade indoor athletics track and run ups 193,395
  New gym equipment at the Hanlon Centre 7,500
  Athletics equipment at Queen Elizabeth II Stadium 9,256
2013 Floodlit 3G football pitch at Enfield Grammar School 150,000
  Re-introduce play equipment at Wilbury Park Open Space 25,000
2014 Installation of an all-weather MUGA in Hazelwood Rec 45,000
  Refurbishment of changing rooms at Mayfield Athletics Club 16,500
2015 Enlargement and refurbishment of the changing facilities at Botany Bay Cricket Club 50,000
  Creation of a fully accessible play facility for able-bodied children and children with disabilities 150,000
1981 Trim Trail Winn Common. 1,500
1982 Greenwich Pools - Multi-gym equipmentand renovation of fitness training equipment. 3,000
1983 Refurbishment of Eltham Sports Centre. 4,000
1984 Floodlighting and filtration plant at SE London Aquatic Centre. 7,000
1986 Greenwich Pools Redevelopment scheme. 25,000
1987 Pavilion at Sutcliffe Park. 15,000
1988 Refurbishment of All-weather track at Sutcliffe Park. 30,000
1990 Changing accommodation Sutcliffe Park. 30,000
1991 Athletic Equipment at Sutcliffe Park. 15,000
  Christchurch Forum - Sports equipment. 16,073
1992 Sensory Light Room at Christchurch Forum. 9,484
1993 New multi-purpose hard court at Hornfair Park, Charlton. 11,400
  Electricity supply to Blackheath. 20,000
  Towards refurbishment of tennis courts in Eltham Park South. 21,000
1994 Fitness Room at Glyndon Community Centre 13,000
  Convert Paddling Pool into Playground 35,000
1995 Cricket Nets, Bostall Heath 16,659
  All Weather Surface, Woolwich Adventure Playground 17,000
  Multi-purpose Play Facility, Middle Park Estate 39,800
1996 Changing Accommodation Bostall Heath 22,538
  Children’s Playground at Winns Common 36,500
  All-Weather Surface at Glyndon Playcentre 70,000
  Special Playground Surface Charlton Park School 32,000
1997 Development at Coldharbour Playing Fields 20,000
  Multi-purpose ball court at Queenscroft Gardens 27,000
  Children’s play facilities at Queenscroft Gardens 27,000
  Refurbish fitness trail at Winn’s Common 12,706
  Refurbish gymnastics pit, Trust Thamesmead 4,500
1998 Safe play area, Horn Park Community centre 39,581
1999 Ramps for disabled access to Charlton Lido 18,831
  Removal of pool and installation of basketball court,  
  Abbey Wood Park 35,000
  Construction of pavilion at Abbey Wood Park 70,000
  Upgrade fitness room at Glyndon Community Centre 9,158
  Ballpark Trust - creation of ball park at Haddo Estates 24,000
2000 Cricket nets at Coldharbour Leisure Centre 21,020
  Laser sailing boat, Southmere Boating Centre 5,000
  Play facilities at East Greenwich Pleasuance 23,000
  The Forum @ Greenwich - play area for under 11s 50,000
  Trust Thamesmead - Creation of lawn bowling green at Tavy Bridge 40,000
2001 Sprung timber floor, Glyndon Community Centre 20,000
  Kidbrooke Playing Fields – all-weather pitch 75,000
  Improved horseriding access for disabled at Charlton Park 15,000
  Ball court at Woolwich Common Estate 30,000
  Trust Thamesmead – Climbing wall at Abbey Wood YMCA 65,000
  Pole vault landing mats at Sutcliffe Park Track 5,000
2002 Refurbishment of changing facilities at Sutcliffe Park Track 120,000
  Refurbishment of tennis courts at Plumstead Common 35,000
  Groundwork Thames Gateway – Ball court  
  on Connaught Estate 45,022
  Charlton School – Outdoor climbing walls 30,000
2003 Groundwork Thames Gateway, design & install play facilities  
  at Ferrier Estate 50,000
2004 Multi-purpose ball court at Bostall Gardens 56,000
  Charlton Athletic Community Trust – pitch development  
  and changing facilities at Pippenhall 100,000
  Charlton Park School – extension of changing areas 30,000
2005 Multi-purpose ball court at Horn Park 34,000
  Three rowing boats at the AHOY Centre 20,000
  Pitch levelling and drainage programme at Long Lane  
  Junior Football Club 100,000
2006 New play area at Sutcliffe Park 50,000
  Sports pavilion and refurbishment of tennis courts in Greenwich Park 135,000
2007 Long boat & electronic hoist at AHOY Centre 23,800
  Refurbishment of accommodation at Charlton Park  
  Riding for the Disabled 27,000
  Women’s coach development project at LM Playing Fields,  
  Greenwich – London Playing Fields Foundation 30,000
  Blackheath Rugby Club – refurbishment of derelict artificial pitch for community sports programme 70,000
  Drainage to football pitches, Horn Park, for Groundwork  
  Southeast London


2008 Refurbishment of derelict jetty at AHOY Centre 150,000
2009 LEAP Training – climbing wall for the disabled at Mellish Estate 65,000
2010 Multi-sports pitch at Samuel Montague Youth Centre 150,000
  Changing facilities at Hornfair Park 95,000
  Climbing, bouldering and high ropes equipment at The Link 140,000
2011 Refurbishment of Charlton Lido 100,000
2012 Blackheath Cricket Club - community cricket facility at Woolwich 100,000
  Kidbrooke Focus - Refurbishment of MUGA 28,552
  New community gym at Charlton Lido 121,000
  Floodlighting at Hornfair Park 70,000
  Eastney Street Residents Assn - regenerate disused room for community use 10,000
2013 Refurbish 6 tennis courts in Greenwich Park for Royal Parks 40,000
2014 Installation of an additional storey on Training Building at AHOY Centre 100,000
  Purchase and installation of four Poolpods for Borough swimming pools 58,960
  New state-of-the-art overhanging lead wall at The Reach Climbing Wall 90,000
  Installtion of Poolpod at Willow Dene School 13,500
2015 Purchase of three RS Venture Keel dinghies at The AHOY Centre in order to offer more high quality sailing opportunities 10,799
  Towards the development of new indoor clip and climb facilities, as well as a new inclusive playground to provide a range of accessible participation opportunities for children and young people in particular, as part of the wider improvements to the indoor and outdoor physical activity and sport facilities at Sutcliffe Park in Greenwich. 150,000
2017 Towards new outdoor play equipment as part of the development of Gallions Park Playground in Thamesmead, Royal Borough of Greenwich, to provide much needed active play facilities in a deprived urban area which will improve the physical literacy skills of children and young people and help to address childhood inactivity and obesity. 100,000
  Towards improvements to and enlargement of the club's Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP) in Kidbrooke, which will support the club's thriving youth programme and its work to use football to encourage people with a disability, older people and women and girls to get more physically active. 165,000
1994 Refurbishment of Cricket Nets 7,559
1995 Disabled Access to Training Pool at Kings Hall Baths 8,754
1997 Lubavich Foundation - Refurbishment & new equipment  
  at community centre 33,500
1998 Sunrise Nursery, Hackney - Installation of safety surface 3,008
  Groundwork Hackney - Multi-sports play areas,  
  at Holmleigh Estate 13,000
  at Suffolk Estate 15,000
  Ability UK - Health & fitness equipment, St John’s, Hoxton 20,000
  North London Sailing Trust -6 specialised boats for the disabled 16,942
1999 Moreland & Blanchard Tenants & Residents Association  
  Replacement of play equipment 11,045
  Jack Dunning Tenants & Residents Association – New play area 11,952
  Laburnham Boat Club - 18 kayaks & other boats 12,690
2000 Improvements to derelict playground, Webb Estate 5,000
2001 Leaside Trust – creation of boathouse, clubhouse & gym 60,000
  Boscobel House Tenants & Res. Assn – Children’s play area 9,000
  Additional boats, Laburnum Boat Club 7,000
2002 Joseph Court Tenants & Res. Assn – children’s play area 19,838
2003 Mountford Estate – children’s play area 10,943
2004 The Lion Club – sport hall floor refurbishment 4,000
  Sparrows Wheelchair Basketball Club – 10 sports wheelchairs 22,000
  Queensbridge Trust – multi-sports games area on Rhodes Estate 50,020
  Springfield Park User Group – children’s play area at Clapton Common 50,000
  Stoke Newington Common User Group – children’s play area at Stoke Newington Common 40,000
2005 Multi-sport pitch at Blue Hut Centre, Provost Street 27,000
2006 Sprung timber floor at The Circus Space 48,482
2008 New portacabin & facilities at Apples & Pears Association 110,750
2009 Replacement structures at Shoreditch Adventure Playground 16,449
  New multi-purpose area at Hackney Adventure Playground 20,000
2010 Children's play area at West Hackney Recreation Ground 75,000
2011 Recumbent cycles at four adventure playgrounds 9,493
2012 Stoke Newington School - pilot Compact Athletics Facility 150,000
2013 Refurbish MUGA at Butterfield Green 80,000
  Replacement floors and stair lift at Circus Space 62,500
  New play equipment for four adventure playgrounds for KIDS 19,555
2014 Redevelopment of the Lea Rowing Club building to provide increased capacity 100,000
  Provision of new item  of play equipment at Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground 7,800
2016 Towards the creation of a changing room, lockers, shower and toilets for use during specialist sports classes at Core Arts, a mental health day care centre working with adults with mild to severe mental health issues in Hackney and surrounding Boroughs. 19,900
2017 Towards the purchase of a new boat at Lea Rowing Club in order to increase the participation and retention of young rowers graduating from the Club's Learn2Row courses. 10,000
1988 All-weather playing surface Brunswick Boys’ Club. 5,000
1991 Converted mini-buses. 15,000
1992 50% cost of changing accommodation at Lillie Road Recreation Centre. 20,000
1994 London Walking Forum, West London Marathon Route 13,000
1996 Refurbishment at Lindford Christie Stadium 50,000
  Wormwood Scrubbs Pony Centre  
  Refurbishment of Stables & Yard Surface 10,000
  St Katherine’s Youth Club - Netting for Football Pitch 2,000
  Fujiyama Karate Club - Mats 5,000
2007 Resurface indoor riding area – Wormwood Scrubs Pony Club 10,000
2008 Boats & canoes for Thames Regional Rowing Council 30,000
2012 Friends of South Park - artificial cricket wicket and two lane cricket cage 55,000
  Urban Partnership Group - resurface indoor sports pitch at Masbro Centre 14,611
2013 New play, parkour, gym and ballcourt areas at Fulham Court & Barclay Court 96,244
  New play space at Peabody Hammersmith Estate 45,000
2014 Resurfacing the track and installation of lighting in covered area at Linford Christie Stadium 95,000
  Creation of Active Plaza at New Zealand Way, White City Estate 72,504
  Purchase of a Riding for the Disabled Association riding simulator at Woormwood Scrubs Pony Centre 16,000
1988 Equipment for New River Sports Centre. 528
1990 Community Action Sport. 5,835
1998 Tottenham Community Sports Centre - Part cost asphalt  
  surface and floodlighting to all-weather pitch 45,000
1999 Play & recreational facilities at Thetford Close Estate 15,000
  North London Athletics Track - Electronic timing equipment 14,292
  Community Action Sport - Irrigation Centre at  
  former British Gas Sports Ground 42,500
2000 Upgrade sports area, Brunswick Park 15,259
  Watering equipment & floodlights at Haringey Borough  
  Football Club 12,000
  Equipment for new skatepark at Alexandra Palace Park 12,000
2001 Children’s play equipment at Woodside Park 15,000
  Adapting existing & provision of new play equipment for  
  wheelchair users at Stationers Park 20,000
2002 Exercise equipment at Jamait Al-Nissa 2,400
2003 New playground, Brunswick Open Space 25,000
  Upgrade play facilities on Commerce Road Estate 60,000
2004 Friends of Chestnut Park – replacement play equipment 20,000
2005 New children’s play facility at Lordship Recreation Ground 40,000
  Re-lay all-weather sports surface at Tottenham Community  
  Sports Centre 20,000
2008 Play equipment at Fairlands Open Space 35,335
  Renovation and upgrade of kick about area at Bramble Close 16,113
  Multi-sports pitch at National Centre for Autism 30,000
2009 Outdoor gym at Ducketts Common for Friends of DC 30,000
2010 New sports centre at Coolhurst Lawn Tennis Club 45,000
2011 Natural play area at Downhill's Park 39,447
2013 Improvements to playspaces at Northumberland Park Estate 15,000
  Regeneration of tennis courts at Priory Park 30,000
  Synthetic flooring for sports hall at Greig City Academy 20,000
2014 Resurfacing of a 7-a-side football pitch at Tottenham Community Sports Centre 20,000
  Re-configuration and upgrade of four basketball and two volleyball courts in Finsbury Park 40,000
  Towards tennis court improvements, the installation of floodlighting on 4 tennis courts and the development of a new pavilion building at Finsbury Park in Haringey to increase use of the site and make it more appealing to under-represented groups, particularly less active children and young people. 150,000
  Towards the cost of stabilising the entire track footprint of The London Marathon Athletics Track - Finsbury Park. 100,000
2017 Towards refurbishment of the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) and the installation of new outdoor gym equipment and an outdoor table tennis table at Brunswick Road Open Space, Seven Sisters,  which will provide a range of formal and informal sport and physical activity opportunities at the heart of the local community. 53,645
  Towards the resurfacing of the large playground at Highgate Wood School in Haringey for use for Netball, Rounders, Dodgeball and Quad Kids Athletics by the local community out of school hours. 15,000
  Towards refurbishing and re-modelling the YMCA North London Fitness Centre in Hornsey, providing a larger and more accessible facility which will host a range of physical activity and fitness classes. 50,000
  Towards the renovation of the under 8's playground in Stationers Park In Haringey into a family activity facility for all to enjoy. 20,000
  Towards a sprung floor for the indoor gym at Highgate Primary School to enable expansion and development of the current community programmes for children, adults and familiies alongside the delivery of brand new and dance based activities for key target groups such as parents and babies and deaf young people. 20,000
1994 Drainage of Land at Wembley RFC 1,000
1996 Improvements at Roger Bannister Track 5,000
1999 Aspire - Basketball hoops & backboards for wheelchair basketball 1,377
2000 Aspire - TechnoGym fitness machine 2,795
  All-weather multi-sports court at Rayners Lane Estate 43,915
2003 Aspire – replacement flooring in fitness studio 12,998
2006 Aspire – modernise and re-equip fitness studio 20,720
2009 Aspire – additional new equipment in fitness studio 44,650
2010 Outdoor gym equipment at Kenton Recreation Ground 7,000
2013 Outdoor gym equipment at West Harrow and Manor Rec.   
  Grounds 27,000
2014 Upgrading tennis courts to MUGAs at Queensbury Recreation ground 25,000
  Installation of bouldering wall at Harrow Leisure Centre 30,000
  Installation of assault course and outside gym in new garden area at Flash Musicals 23,000
2017 Towards the development of new tennis, netball, basketball and football facilities at West Harrow Park which will bring an unused area of a much loved local park back into sporting use and host a diverse range of user groups, including people with a disability, women and girls. 40,000
1991 Climbing Tower at Stubber Outdoor Pursuit Centre. 5,000
1992 Assault course at Stubber Outdoor Pursuit Centre. 2,500
1996 Diving Boards at Hornchurch Sports Centre 2,000
  Havering Association for the Handicapped - new garden & amenity Area 9,527
1998 Stubbers Young Mariners Sailing Centre - 2 refurbished toppers & safety boat 1,500
1999 Outdoor fitness trail, Central Park, Harrold Hill 24,620
  Havering Sailing Association - rescue boat & trailer 6,000
2000 Campion School - swimming pool changing rooms & viewing area 50,000
  4 Wayfarer boats at Stubbers Young Mariners Centre 25,488
2001 Refurbishment of athletics facilities at Hornchurch Stadium 75,000
  New rescue boat at Stubbers Young Mariners Centre 4,795
2002 Upgrade all-weather area at Chafford Sports Complex 26,838
2006 Improvements to community swimming pool at Corbets Tey 60,000
2007 Play facilities at Elm Park 27,500
  Teenage area & “green gym” at Hylands Park 50,000
  Teenage area in Rainham Rec 40,000
2008 Indoor climbing wall at Stubbers Outdoor Centre 27,744
  Ball court and teenage area at Hacton Parkway Open Space 40,000
  Children’s play area in Hornchurch Country Park 30,000
  Outdoor gym in Cottons Park 25,000
2009 Outdoor gym equipment in Lawns/St Andrews/King Georges Park 20,000
2010 Improvements at Brittons Skate Plaza 20,000
  New outdoor community facilities at Albany School 95,000
2017 Towards a new indoor soft play facility at a Specialist College for Communication and Interaction in the London  Borough of Havering, which will enable the school to offer a wider range of play-based activities to pupils and to enhance its wider community offer through exciting partnerships with other special schools, mainstream schools and local organisations working with children and young people with complex learning needs. 50,000
1991 Seven Stiles Way project. 2,974
  West London Waterways Walk - General Scheme funding. 20,000
1992 Development of Hillingdon Trail. 20,000
  Eastcote Hockey & Badminton Club - Upgrade Redgra Pitch to Synthetic Grass 15,000
1996 Cricket Wicket & Outfield, Brookside Road, Hayes 10,846
1997 Motor Mower for Brookside Road 2,544
  Ruislip Bowls Club - Extension to Bowls pavilion 10,000
1999 Creation of Celandine Route signed path on River Pinn 15,000
  Restoration of athletics track at Kings College Rec., Ruislip 18,328
  Meadow School - Creation of fitness centre 8,500
2000 Eastcote cricket Club - part cost of four lane outdoor artificial cricket nets 17,000
  5 Laser dinghies at Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre 11,970
  Replacement floor & competition mats for Imperial Tae Kwon Do Association 3,900
2001 Refurbishment of BMX track at Kingshill Avenue 16,000
2002 British Cycling – Redevelopment of Hillingdon Cycle Circuit 20,000
  Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre – windsurfing equipment 8,500
2003 Outdoor Sports area, The Larches 30,000
2004 Multi-ball game wall in Warrender Park 14,275
2006 Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre – floating pontoon 4,000
  Skateboard facilities in the Borough 50,000
2007 Ballwall at Woodlands Avenue 12,000
2009 Half ball court at Pole Hill open Space 10,000
  Floodlit multi-use games area at Ryefield Primary School 80,000
2010 Create MUGA at RAF Northolt 35,000
  Katakanu at Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre 1,852
  Modernise clubhouse for Hillingdon Athletic Club 26,000
  New multi-sport Astroturf pitch at Eastcote Hockey Club 25,000
2013 Poolpod at Botwell Green Pool 13,500
  Cycle circuit at Pield Heath School 50,000
2014 Construction of a MUGA at Warren Park, Hayes 45,000
1991 Resurfacing of BMX track at Thornbury Playing Fields. 6,404
1993 Ladies changing facilities at Carville Hall Park. 3,000
1997 Conversion of tennis court to multi-sport area at Feltham Park 30,000
  Isleworth Explorers Club - Part funding lift for the disabled 10,000
  Friends of Reflections - Soft play area 3,665
1998 Hounslow Athletic Club - Portacabin for secure storage 1,000
1999 Isleworth Explorers Club - Fitness equipment 10,000
  Chiswick Pier Trust - Low pontoon, boats & storage 5,863
2000 2 recreational river boats at Thames Tradesman’s Rowing Club 8,431
2001 New floor covering & matting at Heathrow Gymnastics Club 8,650
2003 Friends of Dukes Meadow – construction of play area 100,000
  Pool hoist at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre 8,072
2004 Skate park at Bedfont recreation Ground 28,000
  All-weather ball court at Bear Road recreation ground 49,750
2006 Extension to building at Heathrow Gymnastics Club 5,000
  Isleworth Explorers Club – resurface all-weather pitch 15,000
2007 Dukes Meadow Trust – creation of new play area 75,000
  Improvements to facilities at Bedfont Sports Club 110,000
  Brentford FC Community Sports Trust – refurbish arches at Kew Bridge for boating club 41,000
2008 New gym equipment at Isleworth Explorers Club 10,000
2009 Upgrade apparatus at Heathrow Gymnastics Club 8,000
2010 Refurbish tennis courts to create one court and MUGA for Woodlands Estate Residents Association 30,000
  Refurbish playground at St John’s Gardens 37,500
2011 Paddleboards & paddles at Brentford Boating Arch 23,000
  Create 5 new pitches at Green Lane Open Space for
CB Hounslow United Football Club
  20 rowing boats for schools and youth club use for
London Youth Rowin
2012 Heathrow Gymnastics Club - fitness training equipment 7,000
  Friends of Boston Manor - create outdoor exercise area on old bowling green 30,000
2013 New play area at Strand on the Green 50,000
  Climbing wall at Isleworth Explorers Club 25,000
2014 Enlargement of gymnasium to create new 12m x 6m sprung floor area at Heathrow Gymnastics Club 70,000
  Provision of trim trail and seating storage at Boston Manor Park 30,000
2015 Transformation of Gunnersbury Park into a regionally significant community hub for indoor and outdoor sport and physical activity. 500,000
  Towards conversion of the main grass football pitch at Bedfont Sports in Hounslow to a full size floodlit 3G Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP) which will significantly increase the range of participation opportunities offered at the site, particularly for under-represented groups such as women, girls and older people. 100,000
  Towards extending the clubhouse, updating the changing facilities and replacing the existing practice nets at Chiswick Cricket Club, allowing the club to grow its membership and cater for more participants from inactive and under-represented groups, including people with disabilities and women and girls. 100,000
2016 Towards improving sports facilities at Osterley Park in Hounslow in order to get more people of all ages and abilities participating in regular activity at this iconic National Trust site. 150,000
2017 Towards a new irrigation system at Masonian Bowls Club, which will improve the sustainability of the community-focussed Bowls Club in Hounslow, enabling the Club to encourage older people to get active. 10,740
  Towards the creation of a nature and trim trail in Inwood Park in Hounslow to encourage new audiences to use the park for physical exercise, especially those who are not currently active. 20,000
  Towards the Buddy Bikes Scheme at Our Barn Youth Club in Hounslow to create a community resource which will allow anyone to enjoy cycling regardless of their learning or physical abilities. 20,000
1996 Islington Boat Club - Resurfacing of Recreation Area 9,971
1998 Thornhill Neighbour Project - Refurbishment of walled football pitch, Orkney House 25,000
2000 Improvements to play areas at Hornsey Lane Estate 25,000
2001 Creation of play areas at Mildmay Estate 25,000
  Trampoline hoist for the disabled at Centre 404 2,207
  Sailing equipment & rescue craft, Islington Boat Club 10,000
2002 Groundwork Camden & Islington – recreation facility on Highbury Estate 27,616
  Metropolitan Police – all-weather football pitch & posts for Barnesbury Housing Association 13,000
2003 New sprung floor at Whittington Community Centre 11,042
  Refurbishment of Peter Pan Park, Landseer Road 19,000
2004 Groundwork Camden & Islington – play and kick about areas at Hornsey Rise and Manchester Mansions 38,700
2006 Refurbishment of ball park at Mitchenson & Baxter Estate 45,000
  Create two play areas at Palmers Field 79,136
2007 Ball court and play area at Toffee Park Adventure Centre 78,508
2008 Refurbish kick about area at Hornsey Lane Estate 25,000
  Outdoor gym in Elthorne Park 37,000
2009 New children's play area at Holly Park 32,840
2010 Fitness equipment at Healthy Living Youth Hub 43,009
  MUGA and new toddler play are at Aubert Court 45,000
  New 5-a-side football pitch at Three Corners Trust 30,000
2011 Regeneration of recreation and sports areas at Tremlett Grove 35,000
  Extra play areas at Palmer Field for Peabody 50,000
2012 Body & Soul - refurbishment of recreational and theraputic space 15,352
  Highbury Roundhouse - contribution to new sport & community centre 100,000
2013 Outdoor pitch at Sobell Leisure Centre 150,000
  Refurbishment of five-a-side football pitch at Archway Park 50,000
2014 Resurfacing of the pitch and overhead netting at Spa Green Estate, Islington 52,844
  Refurbishment of existing ball court with new surface, fencing and markings at Westbourne Estate 36,833
  Redevelopment of currently disused and locked-up pitch with 3G surface and floodlights at Elthorne Estate 100,000
2015 Purchase of 16 mountain bikes at Islington Boat Club in order to double the club’s capacity to offer mountain bike coaching 3,624
  Towards a new fitness centre as part of the wider redevelopment of City YMCA's Errol Street Hostel in Islington, which will offer a range of affordable and accessible opportunities for hostel residents and the local community to participate in positive physical activities. 250,000
2016 Towards the creation of a new multi-functional community centre in Highbury, Islington, which will offer flexible indoor sport and physical activity facilities suitable for entry-level participation in dance, yoga, gentle exercise and disability sports as well as accessible indoor sports such as badminton, basketball and netball. 135,000
2017 Towards essential facility improvements at Whittington Park Community Centre in Upper Holloway, which will transform the Centre and support the delivery of a range of physical activity sessions being delivered there, including pilates, yoga, dance and tai chi, chair-based exercise and under 5's play. 150,000
  Towards refurbishment and accessibility improvements at a community centre in the heart of Islington, making the building more suitable for older and vulnerable service users and supporting the delivery of a wide variety of physical activities, including tai chi with gentle movement, walking football, exercise for beginners and a range of dance classes. 150,000
  Towards the Caldy Walk project in Islington which will transform a dilapidated space at the Marquess Estate into a colourful, stimulating and safe play area for local children and young people enabling increased physical activity in a safe environment from an early age. 20,000
1987 Provision of Mini-bus for disabled. 13,750
1991 Contribution to indoor tennis bubble. 20,000
1993 Canal Basin Project. 15,000
1994 Outdoor Education Centre at North Kensington Canalside Trust 15,000
1996 North Kensington Amenity Trust - Creation of Skate Parkat Westway 15,000
1997 Kensington Emperors Swimming Club - Poolside hoist 6,500
  Harrow Club - Lift access for the disabled to sports hall 23,500
1998 HAPA - Multi-sensory room, The Playspace, Westway 11,645
  Dalgarno Pre-school - Safety surfaced play area 1,874
1999 North Kensington Amenity Trust - Matched funding for indoor climbing walls at Westway 50,000
2004 Westway Development Trust – boulders climbing facility 50,000
2005 New adventure playground at Little Wormwood Scrubs 10,000
2007 Replacement stairlift at Portobello Green Fitness Club 17,665
2011 Extend play facilities at Dalgarno Estate for Peabody 60,000
  Refurbish squash courts, new gym equipment and table
tennis facility at Portobello Green Fitness Centre
2012 Peabody - outdoor community gym on Dalgarno Estate 16,500
2017 Towards the refurbishment of Kensal House Estate's community rooms located in  a deprived ward in London, and enable SPID Theatre Company to provide programmes to increase the number of inactive  estate residents taking part in physical activity sessions and fulfiling a gap in provision. 17,180
1993 Wayfarer sailing boats at Ravens Ait. 3,835
1994 Hoops Basketball, Kingston - Re-surfacing of Outdoor Courts  
  at Tolworth 3,500
1997 Facilities for the disabled at Dickerage and Albany  
  Adventure playgrounds 22,968
  Tiffin Girls School - Part cost all-weather pitch 10,000
2001 Improvements to Dinton Road Playing Fields 100,000
  Electronic timing equipment, Surrey County Athletic Assn 24,048
2002 Pavilion at Dinton Road Playing Fields 50,000
  Kingsmeadow Athletic Stadium – Replacement pole vault  
  bed and cover 9,500
2005 MUGA at Dickerage Adventure Playground 40,000
2007 New kids playground at Cromwell Avenue Open Space 47,500
2008 Upgrade community ball court at School Lane 66,513
2009 Minima Yacht Club – toilet & showers for the disabled 10,285
  Multi-sports facility at Church Fields Recreation Ground 60,000
  Improved foam pit area & soft play equipment at Tolworth Gym 15,000
  New community sports centre for Khalsa Karate Confederation 100,000
2010 New equipment at Tolworth Gymnastics Club 35,000
  All-weather tennis court, cricket wicket and golf enclosure at Dickerage Adventure Playground 45,000
  Life trial exercise circuit at Manor Park 30,000
  Health & well-being facility on Cambridge Road Estate 110,000
2011 St Philip's School – flooring at Boccia Centre 28,447
2012 Tolworth Gymnastics Club - upgrade matting and vaults area 32,000
  Active Kingston - community cycling track at Castle Hill Primary School 130,000
2013 Replacement gym equipment at Tolworth Gymnastics Club 10,000
  Outdoor fitness equipment and safety fencing at Alexandra  
  Recreation Ground 30,000
2014 Extension of gym at Tolworth Gymnastics Club 125,000
  Improvement to play facilities at two playgrounds in the Borough 40,000
  Creation of a new accessible adventure playground in Subiton 15,000
2016 Towards new floodlights at Kingston Rugby Club in Kingston to allow for the creation of a Tag-Rugby Hub in London as well as non-competitive rugby for older people, non-regular players and community partners. 19,463
2017 Towards significant improvements to 10 dilapidated tennis courts across 3 sites in Kingston upon Thames, bringing the courts back into regular community use through an exciting tennis programme including entry-level coaching, cardio tennis and informal 'turn up and play' sessions. 100,000
1981 Multi-gym equipment at Ferndale Sports Centre, Brixton. 1,500
1982 Fitness training equipment and tennis ball machines at Streatham Pool 3,000
1983 Grant Lambeth half-marathon. 4,000
1988 Field event equipment. 2,000
1989 Multi-purpose training machine for the disabled at Flexham Sports Centre. 4,000
1990 Canoes & Kayaks. 2,900
  Multi-purpose training machine for the disabled at Brixton Recreation Centre. 4,000
  Greater London Scout Council - Abseiling and climbing tower and hard surface games area, Dulwich. 10,000
1991 Fixed weight training equipment at Flaxman Sports Centre. 10,000
  Astroturf at Stockwell Park Estate. 13,000
  Surrey Cricket Council - Quick Cricket Equipment. 1,200
1992 Basketball goals at Brixton Recreation Centre. 9,800
1993 Hoist for the disabled at Streatham Swimming Pool. 6,584
  23rd Camberwell Scouts - Toilet facilities for Girl Scouts. 3,835
1994 Soft Play Area Clapham Pool 8,300
1995 Crystal Palace Sports Centre - 2 Stairlifts for Disabled Access 28,215
1996 Mirrors at Brixton Rock Dance Centre 1,199
  HAPA - Wheelchair Accessible Outdoor Climbing Structures 6,500
1997 Brixton Top Cats Basketball Club - Bleacher seating and additional basketball hoops 32,935
  Pulross Area Playground Association - Integratedoutdoor play system 19,887
1998 The Trojans Scheme - Construction of moveable roller skating course 1,978
1999 Resurfacing of gravel playing surface with astro turf at Myatts Field 63,456
  Hoist for disabled use of trampolines at Brixton Rec. Centre 2,948
  Westminster House Youth Club - Exercise equipment 5,000
  ADI North Lambeth Youth & Community Centre  
  Repair gym floor, exercise equipment & shower improvements 12,356
  Crystal Palace SRB Sports Outreach  
  Upgrade multi-use games area, Berridge Road Estate 16,571
2000 Brixton BMX Club - refurbishment of BMX track,  
  Brockwell Park 16,000
  Pulross Area Playground Assn. - refurbishment of outdoor basketball court and kids slide 38,754
2001 Matched funding for new sports hall at Rosedale Primary School 40,000
2003 Guy’s & St Thomas’s NHS Trust, renovation of fitness centre 59,673
  Outdoor sports court, Stewarts Road Adventure Centre 73,404
2004 Friends of Larkhall Park – multi use games area 25,000
2005 Upgrade of track at Brixton BMX Club 10,000
2006 Construction of new community sports hall at Corry Drive 92,053
  New kids playground at Myatt’s Field 65,384
2007 Redevelopment of main playground in Kennington Park 15,163
2008 Community pavilion in Kennington Park 50,000
2009 Restoration of Stockport Road Playing Fields 50,000
  Refurbishment of Clapham Common skate park 75,000
2010 Replacement Astro-turf pitch at Myatts Field Park 150,000
  New riding centre for Ebony Horse Club 150,000
  Upgrade Brockwell Park BMX track 25,000
2011 Complete refurbishment of play area at Glasshouse Walk 140,000
  Refurbishment of changing block in Brockwell Park 150,000
  All-weather cricket pitch and practice nets at Brockwell Park 23,500
  Create BMX & skateboarding facility at Norwood Park 60,000
2012 Black Prince Trust - new roof on basketball court at Lilian Bayliss Old School 132,000
  Refurbishment of sports zone at Rookery Road 135,000
  Outdoor fitness equipment on Clapham Common 54,000
2013 Poolpod at Clapham Leisure Centre 13,500
  Accessible changing area for disabled at Inclusive Play Development Project 34,000
  Playspace at Peabody Hill Estate 40,000
2014 Refurbishment of sports building, changing rooms, toilets and showers at Black Prince Trust 100,000
  Provision of additional equipment for newley-opened Lollard Street Adventure Centre 42,660
  Improvements to community centre 81,700
  Provision of an outdoor gym at Peabody Hill Estate 20,000
2015 New gym equipment and the upgrade of playground equipment and small outdoor space at Springfield Community Flat's Stewart's Road Adventure Playground 19,811
2016 Towards new accessible changing facilities at Lollard Street Adventure Playground in Kennington, Lambeth, in order to improve the participation experience of children and young people, particularly those with disabilities and additional needs. 63,000
  Towards the creation of a dedicated boxing gym in the basement of Brixton Recreation Centre in order to provide a permanent home for Afewee Training Centre's successful community boxing programme which uses sport and physical activity to engage hard to reach children and young people in a deprived inner city area in Lambeth. 25,000
2017 Towards the cost of purchasing a second-hand portable football pitch in order to enable the Street Football Association to enhance its ability to deliver football/physical activity and by doing so transform the lives of individuals who are experiencing homelessness or social exclusion. 10,400
1981 5-a-side Soccer equipment and grant to  
  Disabled Sports Competition. 1,500
1982 Video and Photographic equipment at Resources Centre. 3,000
1983 Partitioning at Ladywell Swimming Pools. 4,000
1984 Lift at Ladywell Pools for use by disabled. 30,000
1985 Mini-bus for Action Sports Team. 15,000
  Fitness Room at Evelyn Centre. 6,000
1988 Fitness crèche area Downham Swimming Pool. 3,000
  Refurbishment Alfred Morris Day Centre 15,000
1989 Soft play room for under 5’s and disabled children at Silwood Estate 8,000
  Replacement of floor area for gym at Crofton Leisure Centre. 15,000
1990 Ladywell Leisure Centre – conversion of laundry room into crèche. 35,000
1991 Facility refurbishment Ladywell Fields Athletic Track. 27,000
1992 Rebuilding field study centre at New Cross. 30,000
  All Saints Church, Blackheath - Equipping of new gymnasium. 10,000
1993 Pond improvements, Blackheath. 4,859
  Disabled access & toilets at Grove Park under 5’s club. 6,836
1994 Mobile Equipment for Special Needs Groups 5,000
  Trampoline, Multi-gym & Fitness Room at Deptford Green Community School 8,266
1995 Weightlifting Club & Fitness Centre Milton Court Estate 8,300
  New Flooring, Wavelengths Leisure Pool 5,500
  Additional Equipment, Deptford Green Community School 400
1996 Mobile Equipment for Old Peoples’ Homes & Day Centres 5,000
  Re-landscape Outdoor Play Area, Telegraph Hill 9,894
  Messy Play Area, Silwood Playclub 600
  Fitness Equipment at Lewisham College 40,000
  Basketball Equipment Moonshot Phoenix Youth Club 655
  Blackheath Harriers -Creation of Female Changing Facilities 7,500
1997 Addnl. Fitness equipment & net divider, Lewisham College 6,279
  Football nets, flags & trolley, Lewisham Little League 250
  Refurbishment to floor, lighting & ventilation at Goldsmiths Community Association 5,300
  Northwood (Dulwich) Bowling Club - New Lockers & Bar 5,000
1998 Refurbishment hard court area, Hillcrest estate 30,000
  Changing facilities at Beckenham Hill Park 25,000
1999 Short mats bowls equipment 2,566
  Creation of new football/basketball pitch at Telegraph Hill 21,426
  Deptford Green School - two trampolines 3,500
2000 Half cost multi-games area at Bellingham Recreation Project 75,000
  Boxing equipment at Limbikani 2,500
2001 Refurbishment of two public sports areas at Heathside & Lethbridge Estate 50,000
  Refurbishment of courts at Mountsfield Park, Catford 50,000
2002 Rutland walk Sports & Social Club – Basketball facility 25,000
2004 Athletics facilities at Ladywell Arena 11,807
  Skate park at Ladywell Fields Park 50,000
2005 Create ball park at Winslade Estate, New Cross Gate 20,150
2006 New changing rooms and bowling green refurbishment at Ladywell Bowling Club 22,425
2007 New changing rooms & storage at Mayow Park Bowls Club 50,000
2008 Refurbish sports facilities at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham 75,000
  Astroturf pitch at Bridge Leisure Centre 46,500
2009 New crickets squares at Hilly Fields Park and Mayow Park 75,000
2010 MUGA and climbing wall at Wells Park, Sydenham 95,000
2011 New changing rooms for cricket pitch at Hilly Fields 55,000
  Cricket nets at Kangley Bridge Road 8,000
  Disability ramp and improved access for the disabled at
Willow Tree Riding Establishment
  Refurbish two tennis courts at Sydenham Wells Park 25,000
  All-weather cricket pitch, nets, fencing and equipment at
Abbotshill Road for Community Teach Sport
2012 Manor House Gardens User Group - refurbish playground & add table tennis 33,500
  Northbrook Park Community Group - new MUGA at Northbook Park 39,680
  Green Scene (LB Lewisham) - timber play & recreation equipt on Blackheath 50,000
  Community Teachsport - healthy lifestyle Community Centre at Abbotshall 100,000
2013 Outdoor activity equipment and MUGA at Grove Park  
  Community Group 27,000
  New skatepark at Folkestone Gardens 50,000
  Poolpod at Downham Leisure Centre 13,500
2014 Purchasing of specially adapted cycles at new inclusive cycling hub  20,513
2015 Trim Trail in Mountsfield Park to encourage local residents and park users to undertake more physical recreation activities 19,999
  Floodlighting, fencing and full disabled access at Catford Wanderers Tennis Club courts 19,999
  Towards tennis court improvements, floodlighting and a new electronic access system at Ladywell Fields as part of a wider transformation of park tennis across Lewisham through better quality facilities, an innovative and accessible activity programme and making it easier to book and pay for courts. 100,000
  Towards the installation of an outdoor gym in Chinbrook Meadows in Lewisham for use by park visitors of a wide range of sizes and abilities. 8,000
1991 Disabled access and equipment on Wimbledon Sailing Base. 15,000
1995 Fitness Facility at Wimbledon Athletics Track 26,668
  Disabled Access Improvements at Dundonald and Joseph Hood Rec. 14,000
1997 Refurbishment of children’s play area at Sherwood Rec. 24,772
  Development of mother & toddler play area at Durnsford Road Rec. 20,000
  Wimbledon & Merton Swimming Club - Lane ropes 554
1998 Creation of teenage activity area, Tamworth Rec. 25,000
1999 Low level floodlighting, Wimbledon Park Athletics Track 50,000
  Wimbledon Park Sailing Centre - 6 junior training dinghies 9,000
2000 12 Kayaks at Wimbledon Park Sailing Centre 4,500
2001 Two bell boats at Wimbledon Park Sailing Centre 9,000
  The Garwood Foundation – specialist equipment for the disabled 2,405
2002 Morden Baptist Church – basketball & multi-sports court at Poplar Primary School 20,000
2003 Facilities for teenagers at Durnsford Recreation Ground 10,000
2004 Hercules Wimbledon Athletic Club – ground refurbishment 70,000
2005 Goal ends & basketball hoops at Garfield Road Recreation Ground 5,842
  Goal ends, basketball hoops and teenage meeting point at Pollards Hill Recreation Ground 7,500
  Restore 6 tennis courts at Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Field 30,000
2006 Creation of MUGA at Lavender Park 70,000
2007 Final restoration of tennis courts at Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Field 25,453
  Refurbish old tennis courts at Oakfield Way 20,000
2008 Hercules Wimbledon Athletic Club - Multi-purpose community  
  Clubhouse at Wimbledon Park Athletics Stadium 100,000
  Redevelop tennis courts at Holland Gardens 80,000
  Outdoor tennis tables at 6 sites across Borough 16,000
  Netball post and court markings at 4 sites across Borough 10,000
  Renovation of tennis courts at Nursery Road Playing Fields 46,500
  Belgrave Harriers – heating system in gym 9,600
2009 Changing rooms at Abbey Recreational Ground 150,000
  Kids playground equipment and improvements at Cottenham Park 43,127
  Reinstatement of football & cricket pitches for Raynes Park HS 150,000
2010 Modernisation of clubhouse and changing rooms for Lauriston Runners Club 20,638
  BMX track and cycle circuit at Acacia Road 60,000
2011 Natural play facilities at Pollards Hill Rec. 50,000
  Three new beach volleyball courts in Wimbledon Park 55,000
2012 19th Wimbledon Scouts - replace scout hut & bring old tennis courts into use 150,000
2015 Towards the construction of A new accessible wet room in Wimbledon Racquets & Fitness Club in Merton to cater for an increase in demand from ambulant and wheel-chair users to play para-badminton since its inclusion in the Tokyo Paralympics to be held in 2020. 16,698
1993 Development of outdoor basketball site 12,907
1994 Upgrade Hard Play Area at Balaam Park 15,000
1995 New Practice Cricket Wickets 16,978
1996 Newham Docklands Motor Cycle Project - 10 Off-Road Cycles 2,070
  IMPS Motor Cycle Display Team - Part Cost of Replacement Cycles 17,745
1997 Matched funding for 5 rink indoor bowls centre & refurbishment of swimming pools at Atherton Leisure Centre 30,000
  Royal Albert Dock Trust - Purchase of Training Boats 20,000
  Eton Manor Cricket Club - Two artificial practice wickets 8,000
1998 Age Concern, Newham - Equipment for Age Well Project 3,000
1999 Bonny Downs Community Centre - Refurbishment of derelict community centre 40,000
2000 Redevelopment of Flanders Fields 40,180
  Replacement of sports hall floor and new ramps for disabled at Carpenters & Docklands Centre 38,396
  Purchase of boats at Royal Albert Dock Trust 68,098
2001 Internal refurbishment at Carpenters & Dockland Centre 14,000
2002 Additional boats at Royal Albert Dock Trust 48,082
2003 Reinstate pavilion at Flanders Playing Fields 80,000
2005 Replacement of cricket nets at West Ham Park - City of London 13,898
  Refurbishment of all-weather pitch at West Ham Park - City of London 16,898
2006 Indoor Athletics Centre at Terence McMillan Athletic Stadium 150,000
  Carpenters & Docklands Centre - improvements to Dojo area 8,000
  Carpenters & Docklands Centre - create sensory garden 15,270
2009 Carpenters & Docklands Centre – partitioning 6,431
  Upgrade outdoor football pitch at University of East London 100,000
  Conversion of court into multi-use games area at Newham 6th Form College 100,000
2010 New 3G sports pitch at Royal Docks Community School 140,000
  Refurbish basketball and football pitch at Eleanor Smith Special School 23,456
2011 Refurbish 12 tennis courts at West Ham Park for
Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy
2013 Two Poolpods at London Aquatic Centre, QEII Olympic Park 30,000
2014 Installation of 300m ball stop perimetere fencing at Bonny Downs Community Association  40,000
2016 Towards the development of a modern Youth Hub at the Fight for Peace Academy in Newham which will support the recruitment of participants into Fight for Peace's flagship physical activity programme and be intergral to the long term retention of these participants through the education, employability, mentoring and leadership support services that accompany the programme. 150,000
2017 Towards the purchase of 6 tricycles, 2 semi-recumbent bikes and a 'platform' bike to carry a wheelchair in order to enable Bikeworks CIC to expand participation in inclusive cycling. 13,930
1989 Chartfield School - Contribution towards mini-bus. 10,000
1994 4 Outdoor all-purpose Tarmac Areas 15,000
1995 Rebuilding Children’s Play Area at Ray Park 10,000
1997 Resurface Sports hall floor at Beal High School 15,000
  Resurface basketball court at South Park 7,000
  ELHAP Adventure Playground - Construction of soft playroom 20,000
1999 Redbridge School of Gymnastics - New floor area 10,000
2001 Redbridge Dippers – Pool hoist for the disabled 4,400
  Outdoor cricket practice facility at St Albans School Sports Centre 7,500
2003 Indoor training facility at Woodford Green Athletic Club 70,000
2004 London Playing Fields Society – re-roof groundsman’s house 7,950
2005 2 extra lanes at Woodford Green Athletic Club 150,000
  Pole vault & high jump training beds 3,684
2007 Photo finish equipment & indoor landing mat at Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies 7,000
2008 Finish line clock system at Woodford Green AC 3,000
  Refurbish main sports hall at Wanstead Leisure Centre 82,425
2009 Upgrade floodlights at Ashton Playing Fields Athletic Track 74,868
  Contribution to new sports hall at Redbridge Sports Centre 250,000
2011 Floodlit MUGA at Benton Road, Seven Kings 146,000
2012 Fairlop Outdoor Activity Centre - boats for new "introduction to rowing" scheme 75,000
2013 Replacement of astroturf pitch at Ashton Playing Fields 150,000
2014 Construction of a toilet and storage facility at Vicarage Lane Play Park 35,613
2016 Towards the development of a full size and floodlit 3G Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP) at Frenford Clubs in Redbridge, which will allow the club to expand its existing offer to support more people with disabilities, older people and women and girls. 150,000
1992 Equipping wheelhouse on MV “Richmond Venturer”. 7,350
1993 Completion of wheelhouse and installation of safety equipment. 6,500
1998 Ball court at Heathfield, Whitton 18,488
  Mortlake Hall - Play equipment and seating 5,000
2000 2 Waterman cutters for 14th Richmond “Vikings” Sea Scouts 25,000
  Installation of heating on MV “Richmond Venturer” 10,000
2001 Children’s play equipment & safety surface at Westerly Ware 22,000
2002 Single scull boat at Walbrook Rowing Club 3,137
  Rowing equipment at Putney Town Rowing Club 10,000
2003 Multi use games areas at Stanley Junior School, Richmond 20,000
2005 New club house & boat storage at Royal Canoe Club Trust 80,000
2006 Increase height and length of tumble run for Richmond Gymnastics Association 50,000
2007 New boats for Royal Albert dock Trust & London Youth Rowing 50,000
2008 14th Richmond Scouts – two jolly boats 25,740
2009 Refurbishment of playgrounds in Richmond Park 125,000
  Improvements to playground in Bushey Park 100,000
  Twickenham Cricket Club – new artificial wicket 4,750
2010 Re-build BMX & Skate Park, King’s Field, Hampton Wick 45,000
  Adizone fitness activity point in Old Deer Park 30,000
  Natural play area, Vine Road Recreation Ground 40,000
2011 Extension for boxing club at Twickenham Brunswick
Club for Young People
  New public access launching ramp at Putney Rowing Club 50,000
  Create community swimming pool and fitness training suite
at St Richard's COE Primary School
  Expansion of clubhouse at Twickenham Rowing Club 85,000
2012 NPL Sports Club - replace derelict changing block 100,000
2013 Three beach volleyball courts at Broom Road Recreation  
  Ground 25,000
  Irrigation system at Ham Playing Fields 43,850
  Toddler play equipment at Hampton Common 25,000
  New cricket ground at Christ's School for Richmond Cricket Club 77,296
2014 Conversion of a redundant TAVR building into dedicated martial arts & fitness centre 150,000
  Creation of a new softball area, a new youth football pitch and general refurbishment of pitches at Ham Playing Fields 65,000
  Improvements to facilities at Pen Ponds car park, Richmond Park 20,000
  Development of a new sports park at Addison Road Estate, Hampton Wick 115,780
  Purchasing of two skerries and a trailer for Skerries for Schools 37,800
2015 Towards the installation of a new floodlit multi-use games area suitable for tennis and netball at Hampton Sport & Fitness Centre, which will host a range of community clubs, groups and activity programmes 100,000
2017 Towards the purchase of a specialist treadmill to be located at Integrated Neurological Services. The West London charity provides ongoing rehabilitation, education and support for over 600 people with long term neurological conditions. 6,265
  Towards the provision and installation of outdoor gym equipment  in North Sheen Recreation Ground to increase the facilities for local adults who currently face barriers to becoming active. 15,206
1981 Sports equipment Rotherhithe Baths. 1,500
1982 Synthetic Cricket wicket Southwark Park. 3,000
1983 Fitness testing equipment at Camberwell Dry Sports Centre. 4,000
1984 Indoor Sports Centre, Peckham. 50,000
1987 Athletics track, Southwark Park. 30,000
1989 Electronic Scoreboard, timer and photofinish equipment Southwark Park. 15,000
1990 Floodlighting, Orchard Sports Centre. 28,860
  4 Double Kayaks, Surrey Docks Water Sports Centre. 2,970
1991 Sports Equipment, Beormund Community Centre. 9,998
1992 Changing rooms at Seven Islands Leisure Centre. 25,000
1993 Floor covering at Gymnastics Centre, Camberwell Leisure Centre. 3,892
  Refurbishment of soft play area at Camberwell Leisure Centre. 7,000
  Part cost of floodlighting at Women’s Soccer Centre of Excellence. 10,000
1994 2 Pool Hoists & a Chair Lift 27,000
  Creation of Women’s Shower & Changing at Colombo Street Community Centre 5,000
1995 Resurfacing Tennis Courts, Southwark Park Sports Centre 30,000
  Multi-Gym Facilities, The Grange Centre 8,049
1996 Gym Equipment Seven Islands Leisure Centre 20,000
  Floodlighting at Leyton Square Multi-Sports Area & Burgess Adventure Playground 14,017
1997 Floodlighting Spa Rd & Mint St Adventure Playgrounds 5,497
  Indoor Bowls Mats, Peckham Leisure Centre 2,396
  Building Extension, Bosco Centre 35,000
  HAPA - creation of Giant’s Water Garden at Charlie Chaplin Playground 10,000
1998 Indoor play/creche system at Elephant & Castle Leisure Centre 28,416
  Special cycles for disabled at Dulwich Park 6,738
  Ground Work Southwark - pay area Surrey Square 3,372
1999 Re-surface hard court area at Fast Forward Youth Club 11,285
  Multi-sports facility at Paterson Park 35,000
  10 laser sailing dinghies at Surrey Docks Watersports Centre 26,615
  Downside Clubs - refurbishment of swimming pool 25,000
  Morley College - Special weight training equipment for older people 10,640
  Tideway Sailability - 4 Access 303 two person dinghies 10,061
2000 Refurbishment of Community Centre at Docklands Settlement 20,000
  Dulwich Park Friends - play equipment for older children 5,537
2001 Refurbishment tennis courts & kickabout area, Tanner St Park 40,000
  Improvements to 5-a-side facility at Gateway Estate 26,000
  Internal & external refurbishment at Dockland Settlement, Rotherhithe 40,000
2002 Refurbishment of all-weather surface at Dockland Settlement 52,000
2003 Upgrade outdoor sports pitches at Colombo Street Community & Sports Centre 90,000
  Bring back into use Mellish Fields 100,000
2004 Docklands Settlement – rebound boards, nature trail 50,000
  Salmon Youth Centre – additional sports hall 75,000
2005 Further upgrade to all-weather pitch (disabled access) and conversion of former warden’s house at Docklands Settlement 32,825
  Clubroom building, floodlighting and track surface at Herne Hill Velodrome 37,961
  Restructuring of pontoons and beach area at Surrey Docks Water Sports Centre 25,000
  Refurbishment of boxing club and provision of additional changing facilities at Downside Youth Club 100,000
2006 Replace Astroturf pitch at Tabard Gardens 60,000
  Refurbishment of facilities at Docklands Settlement 35,000
2007 MUGA at Peckham Pulse 50,000
  Upgrade of building at Docklands Settlement 50,000
  Floodlighting at tennis courts, Burgess Park 30,000
2008 Fitness equipment at Downside Youth Club 45,000
  Outdoor gym equipment at 4 sites across Borough 46,661
  Tideway Sailability – Hawk 20 adapted for disabled use 15,000
 2009 Create new MUGA at Bethwin Road Playground 30,000
  Equipment for new fitness suite at Salmon Youth Centre 40,345
  Create new artificial grass bowls rink at Southwark Park 13,000
  Improvements at Camberwell Baths Community Gym 100,000
  Refurbish 5-a-side pitch at Downside Youth Centre 50,000
 2010 BMX track at Burgess Park 75,000
2011 Convert disused tennis court into floodlit MUGA at
Peckham Town Football Club
  Creation of main activity hall for Blackfriars Settlement
Community Centre
2012 Refurbishment of Southwark Park Sports Complex 150,000
2013 New play area at Nunhead Green 80,000
  Two new tennis courts in Southwark Park 50,000
2014 Conversion of old disused tennis court into floodlit MUGA at Southwark Sports Ground 76,950 
2015 Purchase and installation of floodlighting of two courts at North Dulwich Lawn Tennis Club 19,500
  Creation of a fitness gym, toilets and showers at Downside Fisher Youth Club 19,999
  Towards the creation of a MUGA at Dog Kennel Hill Primary School to be used during after-school clubs and adult community users. 5,744
2016 Towards improvements to the outdoor sports facilities at Marlborough Sports Garden in Southwark in order to offer a range of free participation opportunities to the local community. 145,000
2017 Towards fit-for-purpose sports flooring at London Community Boxing's Bellenden Road Business Centre site in Peckham. The new flooring will enable the outreach-focussed Club to increase the number of classes it holds, particuarly its after-school clubs, disability sessions and programmes for young offenders or young people at risk of offending. 16,900
  Towards the cost of purchasing soft flooring for Maculelê UK- Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute to encourage participation in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, associated dances and activities (including acrobatics, CapoYoga and Capofit), particularly among young women. 5,350
  Towards the re-surfacing of the pen area multi-sports surface at Pilgrims Way School in Southwark to support the delivery of a wide range of sport and physical activity sessions for participants including disabled people and members of the local community. 15,000
  Towards the facility improvements at Salmon Youth Centre in Southwark to enable young people including women & girls and those from ethnic minorities, alongside community groups and local partners, to access and participate in sport and physical activity opportunities. 6,218
1991 Contribution to redevelopment of Carshalton Arena. 10,000
1994 Play Wall at Fairlands Park 10,000
1995 Ball Park at Collingwood Park 20,000
1997 Ball Park at St Helier Open Space 25,000
  Ball Park at Belmont Park 25,000
  Ball park at Mellows Park 25,000
1998 Matched funding for new indoor athletics training centre 59,900
1999 Floodlighting to ball park in Roundshaw Park 9,187
  London Community Cricket Association - Reinstatement of  
  Waddon Sports Ground 150,000
2002 London Community Cricket Assn – pavilion  
  at Waddon Sports Ground 100,000
2003 London Community Cricket Assn – additional costs for  
  pavilion at Waddon Sports Ground 30,000
2004 Skate park and additional equipment at Mellows Park 20,000
  Gymnastics equipment at Westcroft Leisure Centre 15,000
2006 Sports dome at London Community Cricket Assn 100,000
2007 New MUGA at Wrythe Rec 37,797
  Convert disused pavilion at Sutton Arena for Rosehill  
  Boxing Club 50,000
2008 Refurbish & extend MUGA at Fairlands Park 40,000
  Upgrade pitch and provide changing facilities for disabled 35,000
2009 Refurbish short tennis court & practice wall at  
  Carshalton Lawn Tennis Club 4,750
  Replacement of cricket nets at Worcester Park Cricket Club 8,000
2012 Refurbish BMX jumps area at Collingwood Recreation Ground 40,000
  Renovate basketball court at Sutton Common Park 35,000
1981 Books on athletics for Borough Central Library. 1,500
1982 Grant to Festival of Sports. 3,000
1983 Grant to Festival of Sports. 4,000
1985 Floodlights at Bethnal Green Gardens. 15,000
1989 POPLAR First aid room at East London Stadium. 10,000
  WAPPING Refurbishment of Sports Area  
  King Edward Memorial Park. 40,000
1990 ISLE OF DOGS Crèche facility and fitness centre at Tiller Road. 37,118
  WAPPING New play unit Glamis Road. 19,590
1991 POPLAR Netball area at Mile End Stadium 10,000
  WAPPING Refurbishment of changing rooms  
  John Orwell Centre 18,000
1992 POPLAR Multi-purpose sports pitch &  
  floodlighting at Mile End Stadium. 50,000
  WAPPING Upgrading of red-gra football area at Berner Estate. 5,000
1993 BETHNAL GREEN Fitness & weights room Brady Rec Centre. 3,853
1994 Improvements to Showers & Loos at St George’s Pools 13,200
  Replacement of Electrical wiring at Docklands Settlement 13,500
1995 Modular Play Facility, Bethnal Green 52,000
  Minibus for Sports Development Team 18,487
1996 Sports Equipment at Whitechapel West Sports Centre 20,000
  Refurbishment at Docklands Settlement 20,000
1997 5-a-side football pitch at Aberfeldy Estate 64,500
  Improvements to toilets & kitchen at Whitehorse  
  Adventure Playground 45,000
1998 Resurface football pitch, Ravenscroft Park 12,000
  Resurface play area, John Orwell Sports Centre 12,000
  Bromley By Bow Centre - part cost play equipment 10,000
1999 Adventure play facility at Millwall Park 50,000
  Mulberry Girls School - facilities to promote sports  
  participation by Muslim Women and Girls 45,000
  4 chair pools lifts at 3 swimming pools 19,770
  Tower Hill Improvement Trust - restoration of  
  Trinity Square Gardens 30,000
  Victoria Park Baptist Church - re-flooring of hall 23,576
  Cricket net/artificial strip & astro turf football pitch  
  at Haileybury Centre 50,000
2000 Changing facilities for school children at St George’s Pools 50,000
  Refurbish unused children’s playground at  
  Grosvenor Wharf Road 30,000
  New play facilities at Boundary Estate 25,000
  Additional climbing panels at Shadwell Basin Outdoor Centre 6,340
2001 Shaftesbury Society - Exercise equipment for older people  
  at Lansbury Lodge Day Centre 2,591
  The Atlee Foundation - Multi-purpose youth &  
  community centre in Spitalfields 75,000
  Showers, central heating & upgrade of kitchen at Docklands  
  Settlement, Isle of Dogs 25,012
  Upgrade of club premises, Victoria Park Harriers 20,000
2002 Resurfacing, equipment and floodlights at Trafalgar Gardens 50,000
  Greenhill Disabled Sailing & Watersports Club – 4 boats 24,100
  2 Boats at Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre 10,800
  Internal & external refurbishment at Dockland Settlement 20,000
2003 Development of climbing and cricket sports facilities  
  at Docklands Settlement 79,003
2004 Extension & refurbishment at Whitehorse Road 60,000
  Replacement children’s playground at St Georges Gardens 100,000
2005 Restore disused playground at Aberfeldy Estate 25,000
  Re-open Whitehorse Road Adventure Playground 40,000
  New playground, Braithwaite Park 35,000
  Replacement and expansion of climbing surfaces at  
  Mile End Climbing Wall 50,000
2006 Conversion of derelict pontoon at Herons Quay for play area 25,000
  Docklands settlement - refurbishment of two arches to create public meeting space 20,000
2007 Landscaping & floodlighting at Brabazon Green play area 38,000
  Upgrade sports facilities at Bethnal Green Gardens 100,000
  Marine Society & sea Cadets – contribution to new  
  Training ship 100,000
2010 Youth Gym and dance studio at Osmani Trust 80,000
  New changing and community sport building in Victoria Park 235,000
2011 Ball court and new play garden on Dinmont Estate for PATH 44,000
  Sports-specific fit-out for new Island House
community facility
  Refurbishment of HQ building for Victoria Park Harriers 50,000
2012 PATH - play and ball court area at Dinmont Estate 21,750
  PATH - increase play area around The Hut at Gascoigne Place 22,250
2013 Expand gym and create female changing at Broad Street  
  Amateur Boxing Club 50,000
  Refurbishment of tennis courts at St John's Park, Isle of Dogs 70,000
  Refurbishment and expansion of indoor training area at Mile End Stadium 28,750
  New climbing structures at Mile End Climbing Wall 42,000
2014 Refurbishment of playground at Ada Place, E2 22,325
  Purchasing of 12 sailing dinghies & three safety boats at Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre 43,405
2015 Upgrades to the Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) at George Green's School to make it suitable for use by the local community 150,000
  Towards the purchase and installation of a Poolpod in the refurbished Poplar Baths in Tower Hamlets 15,000
  Towards the purchase & installation of outdoor gym equipment on the Bow Cross Estate in  Tower Hamlets to offer a range of community physical activity participation opportunities in a deprived, densely populated housing estate. 16,000
2016 Towards improvements to the Mudchute Park & Farm riding arena in Tower Hamlets to increase the capacity of a popular inner city facility to host more activity and attract more users, particularly disadvantaged children and young people from local deprived communities who otherwise would not have access to opportunities to be physically active. 68,630
2017 Towards a new Centre for Wellbeing (including flexible activity space, toilets, quiet room, kitchen and communal lounge) which will have a major impact on tackling physical inactivity amongst older people in Tower Hamlets by providing a modern, accessible and flexible space suitable for a variety of physical activities 76,666
  Towards re-surfacing the sand filled Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP) in Mile End Park which will safeguard the future of a strategically important community sport site and have a major impact on tackling physical inactivity in Tower Hamlets by hosting various sports and physical activities delivered through the 'I am Tower Hamlets' programme 95,000
  Towards the provision of outdoor gym equipment at The Look Ahead Recovery Centre in Tower Hamlets, a supported housing complex for vulnerable adults with mental health issues and other needs, to enable them to take part in physical activities 8,022
1991 Fitness equipment Waltham Forest Pool 9,409
1995 Ventilation at Waltham Forest Pool Gym Facility 26,500
  London Playing Fields Society - Renovation of Cricket Nets, Douglas Eyre Sports Centre, Walthamstow 20,469
1996 Floodlit Cricket Nets, Salisbury Playing Fields 8,000
  Basketball Posts at Marlowe Road & Gamuel Park 2,038
  Waltham Forest YMCA - improved Access at Gymnasium 30,000
1998 Judo mats, Kelmscott Leisure Centre 3,988
1999 Outdoor cricket nets, Low Hall 12,000
  Wheelchair and access to Lloyd Park Bowling Green 2,429
2000 New cricket table & football pitches at Chestnut Playing Field 50,000
  Replacement of synthetic cricket wickets at Low Hall 11,576
  Refurbishment of artificial turf surface at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre for London Playing Fields Society 30,580
2001 Cricket practice nets at Jubilee Sports Ground 8,615
  Trim Trail at Low Hall Sports Ground 3,000
  Skateboard equipment in Aveling Park 20,000
  Judo mats – Ridgeway Judo Club 3,419
  Equipment for disabled sports development 4,833
2002 Chingford Cricket Club – refurbishment of indoor cricket nets 18,682
  Leyton Orient Community Sports – revitalising of disused sports Areas, particularly at Ive Farm Sports Ground 50,000
2003 Multi-sports area, Thomas Gamuel Park 20,000
2008 New community bowling club pavilion in Lloyd & Aveline Park 85,000
2009 Creation of urban beach sports venue in Drapers Field 100,000
2010 Refurbishment of Waltham Forest College swimming pool 140,000
  Refurbishment of ATP at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre 176,313
2011 Reconfiguration of disused pavilion for urban beach development at The Score Centre 62,358
2013 Replacement artificial hockey pitch at Peter May Sports Ground for LPFF 75,000
2014 Installation of a new all-weather practice facility at Walthamstow Cricket Club 30,672
  Improving adventure playground facilities at William Morris Hall 16,000
2017 Towards the installation of a high-quality, outdoor, two-lane cricket practice facility at Sir George Monoux College to encourage and support community participation outside of school hours, especially amongst members of the South Asian community and those who are new to physical activity. 17,800
1991 Hydrotherapy Pool at Greenmead School. 10,000
1992 Devas Club, Battersea - Heating and plumbing work. 11,500
1995 Children’s Play Facilities, Tooting Bec Lido 30,000
  Disabled Access to Tennis Courts 3,500
1996 Louvaine Area Residents Association - Resurfacing Playground Area 12,011
1997 Refurbishment of trim trail at Heathbrook Park 5,000
  Redevelopment of Battersea Park children’s playground 40,000
  Refurbishment of trim trail in Battersea Park 6,000
  Lennox Youth Group - Creation of all-weather pitch 34,000
  Islamic Youth Group - Provision of Multi-Gym 4,780
1998 2 training boats, Barn Elms Rowing Centre 5,500
  Exercise stations, King George’s Park 10,000
  Play equipment, Tooting Gardens 35,000
  Garfield Community Centre - Refurbishment of outside recreation area 15,000
1999 Multi-sensory room at Bolingbroke One O’clock club 25,000
  Basketball court, Kimber Road Adventure Centre 10,000
  Shaftesbury Society - Small gym exercise equipment for the elderly 1,785
  Battersea Crime Prevention Panel - Portable basketball/netball posts & nets 5,000
2000 Boats & equipment at Barn Elms Boat House 7,000
  Ball games area at Battersea Park Adventure Playground 25,000
  Multi-sport sports facility at Battersea Ironsides Sports Club 45,000
2001 Refurbishment of children’s play equipment, Leaders Gardens 10,000
  Multi-use ball games area at York Gardens 20,000
  New eights boats for Barn Elms 12,000
  Floodlighting ball games area at Lennox Gardens 17,252
2002 New equipment for juniors at Swaby Gardens 25,000
  Lifts & Handrails for the disabled at Roehampton Youth Club 20,500
2003 Facilities for the disabled at George Shearing Youth Club 15,000
  Multi-sensory environment at Alton Children’s Centre 10,000
2004 Access for the disabled at Savona Ball Court, Battersea 15,000
  New multi-use games “ends” at John Burns 15,000
  Multi-sensory room at Battersea Park One O’clock Club 15,000
  New playground Wandsworth Common Lakeside 20,000
2006 Replacement kids play facilities across the Borough 15,000
2007 Trim trail at Furzedown Rec 5,000
  Trim trail at York Gardens 10,000
  New throwing cage & track changes at Tooting Athletics Track 30,000
  Refurbish kids playground at Montefiore Street 15,000
2008 Redevelop Dojo area at Battersea Youth Sports Centre 30,000
2009 Outdoor gym at Shillington Street Open Place 10,000
2010 Refurbishment at Spencer Sports Community Club 95,000
  Upgrade of children’s play equipment at Garrett Park 15,000
  Outdoor gym at Heathbrook Park 10,000
2011 Replacement play equipment at Harroway Road Playground 15,000
  Resurface 10 tennis courts at Barn Elms Sports Centre 30,000
2012 New play equipment at Leaders Gardens Junior Playground 12,500
  Reconfigure and re-equip fitness centre & cover warm-up area 50,000
  Refurbish ergo & tank room at Barn Elms Boat House 7,500
2013 Replace trim trail at Battersea Park 10,000
2014 Installation of floodlights on tennis courts at King George’s Park 30,000
2017 Towards the creation of a new Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) at Chestnut Grove Academy in Balham, allowing the school to host community organisations and charities delivering activity programmes targeted at under-represented groups including women and girls, disadvantaged young people and people with a disability. 117,246
1981 Safety surfacing for playground at Porchester Square, W2. 1,500
1982 Physical fitness circuit in public open space. 3,000
1983 Westminster Youth Games. 4,000
1984 Improvements at Paddington Recreation Ground. 35,000
1985 Refurbishment fitness training room at Jubilee Sports Centre. 5,000
1988 Renovation at Westbourne Green Sports Complex. 10,000
1989 Climbing frames and mats for toddlers within 7 borough libraries. 840
  Weather & pollution monitoring centre. 2,383
1991 Disabled access & facilities Paddington Sports Centre. 5,205
1992 Disabled access Moberly Sports Centre. 5,710
  Westminster City School - PE equipment. 1,970
1993 Westminster city School - 1 year’s use of climbing wall at North London Rescue Command. 1,160
  The Budokwai - Refurbishment costs (showers) at Budokwai Centre. 15,000
1994 Upgrade Hard Play Area at Churchill Gardens Estate 45,000
1995 Underground Play Area, St James’ & St Michael’s School 20,000
1996 Westminster City School - Rugby Posts 1,210
1998 Royal Parks Agency - New tennis courts, Hyde Park 95,000
1999 Westminster Play Association - refurbish play area at Sussex Street Play Project 31,850
2000 Royal Parks Agency - playground refurbishment in Hyde Park 75,000
2001 Royal Parks Agency – upgrading of sports pitches in Regents Park 75,000
2002 Restoration of kickabout area at Queens Park Gardens 40,000
  Royal Parks Agency – changing rooms in new pavilion 100,000
2004 Royal Parks Agency – playground refurbishment  
  Hyde Park Lido 50,000
  Refurbish kick about area at New Trinity Mews 45,000
  Refurbish senior playground at Westbourne Green 50,000
  Hallfields Residents Association – redesign and refurbish  
  Kickabout area on Hallfield Estate 25,000
2005 New sports flooring at Moberley Sports and Education Centre 50,000
  MUGA beneath Westway 80,000
  Refurbish skatepark at Westway 40,000
  Replacement of beachhead at Hyde Park Lido 120,000
2006 Air conditioning at St Andrews Club 5,224
  Refurbish sports pitch at Brunel Estate 40,000
2007 Improvements to Parade Ground, Hyde Park 250,000
  Climbing Centre & community gym at Seymour Leisure Centre 100,000
  Community fitness & teaching centre at Queen Mother Sports Centre 70,000
  Provision of MUGA at Lisson Gardens 33,500
2008 Improve football and basketball pitch at Lisson Green Estate 62,750
  Create Parkour park at Moberley sports Centre 80,000
  Building extension for new community gym at Paddington Recreation Ground 120,000
2009 New community gym & fitness rooms at Jubilee Sports Centre 100,000
  Outdoor fitness facility in St Mary's Churchyard 40,000
2010 Improvements to Parade Ground, Hyde Park 75,000
  Replace athletics track at Paddington Recreation Ground 125,000
  Refurbish two MUGAs at Academy Sport 20,000
  Outdoor activity and boating equipment at Westminster Boating Base and Paddington Basin 30,000
  Improvement to play facilities at Victoria Tower Gardens for Royal Parks 120,000
  Phase III of improvements to Parade Ground, Hyde Park 100,000
2011 Play equipment at South Carriage Drive Playground 125,000
  Extension for community fitness facility at The Porchester Centre 100,000
2012 Royal Parks - improvements to Marylebone Green Playground 150,000
  New synthetic MUGA and community gym at Queen's park Gardens 100,000
2013 Improvements to swimming pool at The Porchester Centre 100,000
2014 Installation of outdoor gym equipment at Peabody Tachbrook Estate 30,000
  Installation of outdoor gym equipment at Lisson Green Estate 40,000
  Provision of enhanced “free to access” outdoor fitness facilities by installing MUGA at Queens Park Court 48,600
  Reconfiguration of building to provide improved and accessible changing rooms and showers 66,467
2015 Transformation of a deconsecrated church in a deprived inner city area of North Westminster into a community sports centre 500,000
2017 Towards improvements to the tennis facilities and the provision of a new Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) suitable for football and netball at Hyde Park in the City of Westminster in order to offer year-round participation opportunities and increase community use of this iconic site for sport and physical activity 150,000
  Towards improvements to the tennis facilities and the provision of new netball, mini tennis and PADEL tennis facilities at Regent's Park in the City of Westminster in order to offer year-round participation opportunities and increase community use of this iconic site for sport and physical activity 150,000
  Towards the cost of installing a new toilet, shower and changing facility in St Paul's Church Centre in Westminster in order to enable the Centre to expand the range of physical activities that it offers at no or low cost to the community. 5,000
  Towards the purchase and installation of a climbing and bouldering wall for the Olympic-inspired 'Faster Higher Stronger' project delivered by the Fourth Feathers Youth Club in Westminster which will create brand new facilities to encourage and support physical activity among young people, as well as women and those from ethnic minorities. 13,950
2004 Installation of hoists for the disabled at swimming pools  
  across the city 40,000
2006 Climbing tower at Ackers Adventure Centre 50,000
2006 Refurbish sports hall & gym at The Greenbank Project 48,448
2008 Padded floor at Everton Red Triangle Boxing Club 4,672
  Rebuild slipway at Liverpool Sailing Club 25,000
2010 New annexe to community hall in Hackleton 80,000
2011 Completion of new community scout building at Blisworth 50,000
2012 Extension to Pattishall Parish Hall 65,000
  Greens Norton - Renovate & expand community centre 50,000
2013 Improvements to community sports field at Helmdon Primary School 61,800
  New BMX track, skatepark and MUGA at Hartwell Community Centre 50,000
  Purchase of land for playing field for Silverstone Racers Junior Football club 100,000
2014 Construction of cycling “pump track” and BMX track in Aylesbury Vale 60,000
  Renovation of Eydon Village Hall 15,000
2017 Towards the provision of new play equipment at The Betty Cameron Playing Field in Chacombe in order to increase the number of children using the playground and to increase their regular physical activity. 20,000
  Towards the purchase and installation of a Calisthenics Centre at playing fields in a rural part of South Northants with limited public outdoor fitness facilities to enable multi-generational participation in physical activity. 10,000
2013 New changing rooms at Sutherland Memorial Park  
  for Guildford Youth Project 12,000
  Additional gym equipment at Leatherhead & Dorking Gymnastics Club 31,000
  All-weather surface and new equipment for Capel Village play area 23,000
  MUGA at Kingston Meadow for East Horsley Parish Council 50,000
  New dormitory building for Girlguiding Surrey East 100,000
  Re-equipment of playground at Broome Close, Headley 12,000
  New play structure at Challengers, Stoke Park 7,085
  MUGA at Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Horsell 50,000
  New community sports pavilion at Capel Cricket Club 50,000
  New 3G synthetic grass pitch at Leatherhead Youth FC 50,000
2014 Refurbishment of playground, Abinger 25,000
  Rebuilding of Charlwood Pavilion 39,800
  Construction of a skatepark on former recycling site in Brockham 45,000
  Resurfacing of the athletics track and creation of a landing area for discus and shot at Holland Sports Athletics Club 25,000
  Creation of an outdoor gym at Horley Recreation Ground 10,000
  Installation of outdoor gym equipment at Hollowdene Recreation Ground 8,000
  Complete renovation of the track, Runnymede Rockets BMX Club 50,000
  Replacement of the drainage system for Abinger Cricket Club 12,000
  Extension and refurbishment of the clubhouse at Byfleet Cricket Club 35,000
  Creation of a new kayak store and purchase of additional boats at Guildford Waterside Centre 50,000
  Creation of a new cricket pavilion and scout hut at Newdigate Cricket Club 70,000
  Refurbishment of showers and toilets at Oakwood Hill Cricket Club 5,000
2015 Resurfacing of the community tennis courts in the village of Ewhurst 6,687
  Replacement of a well-used and beloved playground in Mickleham 19,999
  Automated watering system for a new outdoor bowling green for Ripley Bowling Club 11,000
  Replacement residential building for Girlguiding Surrey East 100,000
  A new accessible skate park for East Horsely Parish Council 10,000
  Creation of an accessible piazza area and new fencing around the shooting range at Guildford Archery Club 14,441
  Replacement of old fencing around a new, well used floodlit 3G pitch outside a sports centre at Fulbrook School 10,000
  Development of a purpose built gymnastics centre at The Bishop Wand Church of England School 250,000
  Loan for the above over 10 years 200,000
  Towards the purchase and installation of an artificial cricket wicket for Claygate Cricket Club, Surrey, to enable the Club to meet capacity demand due to their expanding junior section, junior female section and Kwik cricket. 8,000
  Towards the replacement of an un-safe wall surrounding a well-used small pool on a school site in Dorking, allowing the facility to be re-opened to the public. 12,000
2016 Towards the creation of a new Inclusive Sports Facility at YMCA East Surrey's Redhill site, which will provide a wide range of fully accessible and affordable participation opportunities for people with a broad spectrum of disabilities and additional needs. 350,000
2017 Towards the development of a new Thames-side training centre in Elmbridge, Surrey, which will provide a larger, more accessible, flood-proof building which can support a variety of water-based and regular sports and physical activities for the benefit of a broad spectrum of the local community 75,000
  Towards improvements to the indoor riding school at Casi's Farm in Cranleigh, Surrey, which will safeguard the future of one of only two Riding for the Disabled Association facilities in the county and allow the continuation and expansion of a popular riding programme which benefits people with disabilities and additional needs who otherwise would not take part in any sport and physical activity 150,000
  Towards the redesign and refurbishment of a well-used skate park at Kingston Road Recreation Ground in Surrey to provide physical activities for older teenagers and young adults in the area 19,999
  Towards the resurfacing of two tennis courts to enable the Club to continue to encourage and support those who are inactive to take up tennis. 20,000
  Towards the installation of floodlights for two tennis courts at Coopers Hill in Surrey to encourage and support children and adults to participate in regular physical activity year round. 18,000
  Towards the creation of a new accessible boat house at the Staines Boat Club site in order to secure the long term future of the club and allow it to offer a wider range of water-based and land-based physical activity opportunities which get the local community involved in rowing and more active. 110,150
  Towards a clubhouse extension at West End Bowls Club in Surrey Heath to enable the club and othe local organisations to offer year round short mat bowls and a range of other low impact exercise classes aimed at getting older people from the local community more physically active. 100,000
  Towards the development of a new full size floodlit artificial turf pitch at Abbey Rangers Football Club in Addlestone, enabling a successful community football club and a new secondary school to work in partnership to offer a wide range of year-round participation opportunities to the local community, including coaching programmes for children and young people, a walking football programme aimed at physically inactive people and an expansion of the club's offer to women and girls and people with a disability. 75,000
  Towards refurbishment of an ageing clubhouse and the installation of a new accessible toliet, which will particularly support the engagement of children and young people, women and girls, and people with a disability in the club's successful cricket programme. 43,000
  Towards a new self-contained female changing room which will significantly improve the participation experience of women and girls at the club and allow the expansion of a successful female community rugby programme. 30,000
  Towards the creation of a 90km network of off road cycle trails in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to support and encourage people of all ages and ability to get active using easy to access routes free of charge, through signage of existing bridleways and byways where there is a legal right to cycle. 19,000
GRAND TOTAL TO AUGUST 2017 £64,069,335