2019 Towards playground redevelopments at Waverley School that will create new stimulating, inclusive and accessible play spaces for both pupils and local children and young people with disabilities within the wider community. £20,000
2019 A top-up grant towards enlargement and refurbishment of changing facilities at Botany Bay Cricket Club to improve the participation experience and cater for the expanding female and junior sections of the clubs based at the site. £27,000
2019 Towards the resurfacing of 9 netball courts, 6 of which will have dual use with tennis at Broomfield Park in Palmers Green Enfield which will provide high quality and sustainable facility enabling more people, particularly women to participate in and enjoy outdoor netball and tennis. £150,000
2015 Enlargement and refurbishment of the changing facilities at Botany Bay Cricket Club £50,000
2015 Creation of a fully accessible play facility for able-bodied children and children with disabilities £150,000
2014 Installation of an all-weather MUGA in Hazelwood Rec £45,000
2014 Refurbishment of changing rooms at Mayfield Athletics Club £16,500
2013 Floodlit 3G football pitch at Enfield Grammar School £150,000
2013 Re-introduce play equipment at Wilbury Park Open Space £25,000
2010 Upgrade indoor athletics track and run ups £193,395
2010 New gym equipment at the Hanlon Centre £7,500
2010 Athletics equipment at Queen Elizabeth II Stadium £9,256
2009 New track at Queen Elizabeth II Stadium £150,000
2006 Cricket nets – Edmonton Cricket Club £27,800
2004 Lee Valley Regional Park – gymnasium equipment £70,001
2003 Multi sports area, Craig Park, Edmonton £40,000
2000 Garden & sports project at Croyland Youth Centre £19,700
2000 Replacement of disused paddling pool with multi-sport facility, Jubilee Park, Edmonton £60,000
1999 The Hanlon Centre - Replacement gym equipment £1,119
1997 Hard surface play area at Hood Avenue £30,000