1981 Trim Trail Winn Common. 1,500
1982 Greenwich Pools - Multi-gym equipmentand renovation of fitness training equipment. 3,000
1983 Refurbishment of Eltham Sports Centre. 4,000
1984 Floodlighting and filtration plant at SE London Aquatic Centre. 7,000
1986 Greenwich Pools Redevelopment scheme. 25,000
1987 Pavilion at Sutcliffe Park. 15,000
1988 Refurbishment of All-weather track at Sutcliffe Park. 30,000
1990 Changing accommodation Sutcliffe Park. 30,000
1991 Athletic Equipment at Sutcliffe Park. 15,000
  Christchurch Forum - Sports equipment. 16,073
1992 Sensory Light Room at Christchurch Forum. 9,484
1993 New multi-purpose hard court at Hornfair Park, Charlton. 11,400
  Electricity supply to Blackheath. 20,000
  Towards refurbishment of tennis courts in Eltham Park South. 21,000
1994 Fitness Room at Glyndon Community Centre 13,000
  Convert Paddling Pool into Playground 35,000
1995 Cricket Nets, Bostall Heath 16,659
  All Weather Surface, Woolwich Adventure Playground 17,000
  Multi-purpose Play Facility, Middle Park Estate 39,800
1996 Changing Accommodation Bostall Heath 22,538
  Children’s Playground at Winns Common 36,500
  All-Weather Surface at Glyndon Playcentre 70,000
  Special Playground Surface Charlton Park School 32,000
1997 Development at Coldharbour Playing Fields 20,000
  Multi-purpose ball court at Queenscroft Gardens 27,000
  Children’s play facilities at Queenscroft Gardens 27,000
  Refurbish fitness trail at Winn’s Common 12,706
  Refurbish gymnastics pit, Trust Thamesmead 4,500
1998 Safe play area, Horn Park Community centre 39,581
1999 Ramps for disabled access to Charlton Lido 18,831
  Removal of pool and installation of basketball court,  
  Abbey Wood Park 35,000
  Construction of pavilion at Abbey Wood Park 70,000
  Upgrade fitness room at Glyndon Community Centre 9,158
  Ballpark Trust - creation of ball park at Haddo Estates 24,000
2000 Cricket nets at Coldharbour Leisure Centre 21,020
  Laser sailing boat, Southmere Boating Centre 5,000
  Play facilities at East Greenwich Pleasuance 23,000
  The Forum @ Greenwich - play area for under 11s 50,000
  Trust Thamesmead - Creation of lawn bowling green at Tavy Bridge 40,000
2001 Sprung timber floor, Glyndon Community Centre 20,000
  Kidbrooke Playing Fields – all-weather pitch 75,000
  Improved horseriding access for disabled at Charlton Park 15,000
  Ball court at Woolwich Common Estate 30,000
  Trust Thamesmead – Climbing wall at Abbey Wood YMCA 65,000
  Pole vault landing mats at Sutcliffe Park Track 5,000
2002 Refurbishment of changing facilities at Sutcliffe Park Track 120,000
  Refurbishment of tennis courts at Plumstead Common 35,000
  Groundwork Thames Gateway – Ball court  
  on Connaught Estate 45,022
  Charlton School – Outdoor climbing walls 30,000
2003 Groundwork Thames Gateway, design & install play facilities  
  at Ferrier Estate 50,000
2004 Multi-purpose ball court at Bostall Gardens 56,000
  Charlton Athletic Community Trust – pitch development  
  and changing facilities at Pippenhall 100,000
  Charlton Park School – extension of changing areas 30,000
2005 Multi-purpose ball court at Horn Park 34,000
  Three rowing boats at the AHOY Centre 20,000
  Pitch levelling and drainage programme at Long Lane  
  Junior Football Club 100,000
2006 New play area at Sutcliffe Park 50,000
  Sports pavilion and refurbishment of tennis courts in Greenwich Park 135,000
2007 Long boat & electronic hoist at AHOY Centre 23,800
  Refurbishment of accommodation at Charlton Park  
  Riding for the Disabled 27,000
  Women’s coach development project at LM Playing Fields,  
  Greenwich – London Playing Fields Foundation 30,000
  Blackheath Rugby Club – refurbishment of derelict artificial pitch for community sports programme 70,000
  Drainage to football pitches, Horn Park, for Groundwork  
  Southeast London


2008 Refurbishment of derelict jetty at AHOY Centre 150,000
2009 LEAP Training – climbing wall for the disabled at Mellish Estate 65,000
2010 Multi-sports pitch at Samuel Montague Youth Centre 150,000
  Changing facilities at Hornfair Park 95,000
  Climbing, bouldering and high ropes equipment at The Link 140,000
2011 Refurbishment of Charlton Lido 100,000
2012 Blackheath Cricket Club - community cricket facility at Woolwich 100,000
  Kidbrooke Focus - Refurbishment of MUGA 28,552
  New community gym at Charlton Lido 121,000
  Floodlighting at Hornfair Park 70,000
  Eastney Street Residents Assn - regenerate disused room for community use 10,000
2013 Refurbish 6 tennis courts in Greenwich Park for Royal Parks 40,000
2014 Installation of an additional storey on Training Building at AHOY Centre 100,000
  Purchase and installation of four Poolpods for Borough swimming pools 58,960
  New state-of-the-art overhanging lead wall at The Reach Climbing Wall 90,000
  Installtion of Poolpod at Willow Dene School 13,500
2015 Towards the cost of three RS Venture Keel Dinghies at the AHOY Centre in order to offer more high quality sailing opportunities across a range of disciplines to participants of varying ages and abilities. 10,799
  Towards the installation of a new drainage system at Colfeian Grounds in Lee, which will increase pitch availability at the site and support the continued growth and success of the club. 18,293
  Towards the development of new indoor clip and climb facilities, as well as a new inclusive playground to provide a range of accessible participation opportunities for children and young people in particular, as part of the wider improvements to the indoor and outdoor physical activity and sport facilities at Sutcliffe Park in Greenwich. 150,000
2017 Towards new outdoor play equipment as part of the development of Gallions Park Playground in Thamesmead, Royal Borough of Greenwich, to provide much needed active play facilities in a deprived urban area which will improve the physical literacy skills of children and young people and help to address childhood inactivity and obesity. 100,000
  Towards improvements to and enlargement of the club's Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP) in Kidbrooke, which will support the club's thriving youth programme and its work to use football to encourage people with a disability, older people and women and girls to get more physically active 165,000