Hammersmith and Fulham

1988 All-weather playing surface Brunswick Boys’ Club. 5,000
1991 Converted mini-buses. 15,000
1992 50% cost of changing accommodation at Lillie Road Recreation Centre. 20,000
1994 London Walking Forum, West London Marathon Route 13,000
1996 Refurbishment at Lindford Christie Stadium 50,000
  Wormwood Scrubbs Pony Centre  
  Refurbishment of Stables & Yard Surface 10,000
  St Katherine’s Youth Club - Netting for Football Pitch 2,000
  Fujiyama Karate Club - Mats 5,000
2007 Resurface indoor riding area – Wormwood Scrubs Pony Club 10,000
2008 Boats & canoes for Thames Regional Rowing Council 30,000
2012 Friends of South Park - artificial cricket wicket and two lane cricket cage 55,000
  Urban Partnership Group - resurface indoor sports pitch at Masbro Centre 14,611
2013 New play, parkour, gym and ballcourt areas at Fulham Court & Barclay Court 96,244
  New play space at Peabody Hammersmith Estate 45,000
2014 Resurfacing the track and installation of lighting in covered area at Linford Christie Stadium 95,000
  Creation of Active Plaza at New Zealand Way, White City Estate 72,504
  Purchase of a Riding for the Disabled Association riding simulator at Woormwood Scrubs Pony Centre 16,000