2019 Towards the extension and refurbishment of the clubhouse at Stanmore Bowls Club, enabling the club to develop a fully accessible facility with additional equipment for use by beginners and specialist coaching, attract new members and retain the existing ones, especially those with disabilities and age-related injuries and illnesses. £84,500
2019 Towards required improvements to the throws safety cage at Bannister Sports Centre, ensuring the continued provision of athletic throwing to a variety of local clubs and schools and enabling the development of a disability throwing offer. £11,200
2017 Towards a new community BMX track at Byron Recreation Ground which will host a new community BMX club and a community outreach programme aimed at engaging hard-to-reach and inactive groups. £58,080
2017 Towards the development of new tennis, netball, basketball and football facilities at West Harrow Park which will bring an unused area of a much loved local park back into sporting use and host a diverse range of user groups, including people with a disability, women and girls. £40,000
2017 Towards the creation of an accessible studio at Harrow Arts Centre which will provide a dedicated space for children, older adults and people with disabilities & additional needs to get active through a varied programme of dance and physical activities. £10,000
2017 Towards an extension at Watford Community Sports & Education Trust's Cedars Youth & Community Centre to provide new community facilities to support a varied programme of community activities focused around sport, physical activity, education and inclusivity; also providing a new dedicated home for Harrow Mencap who are working to get people with a disability more physically active. £150,000
2014 Upgrading tennis courts to MUGAs at Queensbury Recreation ground £25,000
2014 Installation of bouldering wall at Harrow Leisure Centre £30,000
2014 Installation of assault course and outside gym in new garden area at Flash Musicals £23,000
2013 Outdoor gym equipment at West Harrow and Manor Rec. Grounds £27,000
2010 Outdoor gym equipment at Kenton Recreation Ground £7,000
2009 Aspire – additional new equipment in fitness studio £44,650
2006 Aspire – modernise and re-equip fitness studio £20,720
2003 Aspire – replacement flooring in fitness studio £12,998
2000 Aspire - TechnoGym fitness machine £2,795
2000 All-weather multi-sports court at Rayners Lane Estate £43,915
1999 Aspire - Basketball hoops & backboards for wheelchair basketball £1,377
1996 Improvements at Roger Bannister Track £5,000
1994 Drainage of Land at Wembley RFC £1,000