2020 Towards new acoustic panels for Roxeth Community Church hall that will improve the sound quality and enjoyment of indoor chair Pilates Gold classes for older, less mobile people with hearing difficulties enabling them to be and remain physically active. £7,332
2019 Towards the extension and refurbishment of the clubhouse at Stanmore Bowls Club, enabling the club to develop a fully accessible facility with additional equipment for use by beginners and specialist coaching, attract new members and retain the existing ones, especially those with disabilities and age-related injuries and illnesses. £84,500
2019 Towards required improvements to the throws safety cage at Bannister Sports Centre, ensuring the continued provision of athletic throwing to a variety of local clubs and schools and enabling the development of a disability throwing offer. £11,200
2017 Towards a new community BMX track at Byron Recreation Ground which will host a new community BMX club and a community outreach programme aimed at engaging hard-to-reach and inactive groups. £58,080
2017 Towards the development of new tennis, netball, basketball and football facilities at West Harrow Park which will bring an unused area of a much loved local park back into sporting use and host a diverse range of user groups, including people with a disability, women and girls. £40,000
2017 Towards the creation of an accessible studio at Harrow Arts Centre which will provide a dedicated space for children, older adults and people with disabilities & additional needs to get active through a varied programme of dance and physical activities. £10,000
2017 Towards an extension at Watford Community Sports & Education Trust's Cedars Youth & Community Centre to provide new community facilities to support a varied programme of community activities focused around sport, physical activity, education and inclusivity; also providing a new dedicated home for Harrow Mencap who are working to get people with a disability more physically active. £150,000
2014 Upgrading tennis courts to MUGAs at Queensbury Recreation ground £25,000
2014 Installation of bouldering wall at Harrow Leisure Centre £30,000
2014 Installation of assault course and outside gym in new garden area at Flash Musicals £23,000
2013 Outdoor gym equipment at West Harrow and Manor Rec. Grounds £27,000
2010 Outdoor gym equipment at Kenton Recreation Ground £7,000
2009 Aspire – additional new equipment in fitness studio £44,650
2006 Aspire – modernise and re-equip fitness studio £20,720
2003 Aspire – replacement flooring in fitness studio £12,998
2000 Aspire - TechnoGym fitness machine £2,795
2000 All-weather multi-sports court at Rayners Lane Estate £43,915
1999 Aspire - Basketball hoops & backboards for wheelchair basketball £1,377
1996 Improvements at Roger Bannister Track £5,000
1994 Drainage of Land at Wembley RFC £1,000