1993 Wayfarer sailing boats at Ravens Ait. 3,835
1994 Hoops Basketball, Kingston - Re-surfacing of Outdoor Courts  
  at Tolworth 3,500
1997 Facilities for the disabled at Dickerage and Albany  
  Adventure playgrounds 22,968
  Tiffin Girls School - Part cost all-weather pitch 10,000
2001 Improvements to Dinton Road Playing Fields 100,000
  Electronic timing equipment, Surrey County Athletic Assn 24,048
2002 Pavilion at Dinton Road Playing Fields 50,000
  Kingsmeadow Athletic Stadium – Replacement pole vault  
  bed and cover 9,500
2005 MUGA at Dickerage Adventure Playground 40,000
2007 New kids playground at Cromwell Avenue Open Space 47,500
2008 Upgrade community ball court at School Lane 66,513
2009 Minima Yacht Club – toilet & showers for the disabled 10,285
  Multi-sports facility at Church Fields Recreation Ground 60,000
  Improved foam pit area & soft play equipment at Tolworth Gym 15,000
  New community sports centre for Khalsa Karate Confederation 100,000
2010 New equipment at Tolworth Gymnastics Club 35,000
  All-weather tennis court, cricket wicket and golf enclosure at Dickerage Adventure Playground 45,000
  Life trial exercise circuit at Manor Park 30,000
  Health & well-being facility on Cambridge Road Estate 110,000
2011 St Philip's School – flooring at Boccia Centre 28,447
2012 Tolworth Gymnastics Club - upgrade matting and vaults area 32,000
  Active Kingston - community cycling track at Castle Hill Primary School 130,000
2013 Replacement gym equipment at Tolworth Gymnastics Club 10,000
  Outdoor fitness equipment and safety fencing at Alexandra  
  Recreation Ground 30,000
2014 Extension of gym at Tolworth Gymnastics Club 125,000
  Improvement to play facilities at two playgrounds in the Borough 40,000
  Creation of a new accessible adventure playground in Subiton 15,000
2016 Towards new floodlights at Kingston Rugby Club in Kingston to allow for the creation of a Tag-Rugby Hub in London as well as non-competitive rugby for older people, non-regular players and community partners. 19,463
2017 Towards significant improvements to 10 dilapidated tennis courts across 3 sites in Kingston upon Thames, bringing the courts back into regular community use through an exciting tennis programme including entry-level coaching, cardio tennis and informal 'turn up and play' sessions. 100,000