1981 5-a-side Soccer equipment and grant to  
  Disabled Sports Competition. 1,500
1982 Video and Photographic equipment at Resources Centre. 3,000
1983 Partitioning at Ladywell Swimming Pools. 4,000
1984 Lift at Ladywell Pools for use by disabled. 30,000
1985 Mini-bus for Action Sports Team. 15,000
  Fitness Room at Evelyn Centre. 6,000
1988 Fitness crèche area Downham Swimming Pool. 3,000
  Refurbishment Alfred Morris Day Centre 15,000
1989 Soft play room for under 5’s and disabled children at Silwood Estate 8,000
  Replacement of floor area for gym at Crofton Leisure Centre. 15,000
1990 Ladywell Leisure Centre – conversion of laundry room into crèche. 35,000
1991 Facility refurbishment Ladywell Fields Athletic Track. 27,000
1992 Rebuilding field study centre at New Cross. 30,000
  All Saints Church, Blackheath - Equipping of new gymnasium. 10,000
1993 Pond improvements, Blackheath. 4,859
  Disabled access & toilets at Grove Park under 5’s club. 6,836
1994 Mobile Equipment for Special Needs Groups 5,000
  Trampoline, Multi-gym & Fitness Room at Deptford Green Community School 8,266
1995 Weightlifting Club & Fitness Centre Milton Court Estate 8,300
  New Flooring, Wavelengths Leisure Pool 5,500
  Additional Equipment, Deptford Green Community School 400
1996 Mobile Equipment for Old Peoples’ Homes & Day Centres 5,000
  Re-landscape Outdoor Play Area, Telegraph Hill 9,894
  Messy Play Area, Silwood Playclub 600
  Fitness Equipment at Lewisham College 40,000
  Basketball Equipment Moonshot Phoenix Youth Club 655
  Blackheath Harriers -Creation of Female Changing Facilities 7,500
1997 Addnl. Fitness equipment & net divider, Lewisham College 6,279
  Football nets, flags & trolley, Lewisham Little League 250
  Refurbishment to floor, lighting & ventilation at Goldsmiths Community Association 5,300
  Northwood (Dulwich) Bowling Club - New Lockers & Bar 5,000
1998 Refurbishment hard court area, Hillcrest estate 30,000
  Changing facilities at Beckenham Hill Park 25,000
1999 Short mats bowls equipment 2,566
  Creation of new football/basketball pitch at Telegraph Hill 21,426
  Deptford Green School - two trampolines 3,500
2000 Half cost multi-games area at Bellingham Recreation Project 75,000
  Boxing equipment at Limbikani 2,500
2001 Refurbishment of two public sports areas at Heathside & Lethbridge Estate 50,000
  Refurbishment of courts at Mountsfield Park, Catford 50,000
2002 Rutland walk Sports & Social Club – Basketball facility 25,000
2004 Athletics facilities at Ladywell Arena 11,807
  Skate park at Ladywell Fields Park 50,000
2005 Create ball park at Winslade Estate, New Cross Gate 20,150
2006 New changing rooms and bowling green refurbishment at Ladywell Bowling Club 22,425
2007 New changing rooms & storage at Mayow Park Bowls Club 50,000
2008 Refurbish sports facilities at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham 75,000
  Astroturf pitch at Bridge Leisure Centre 46,500
2009 New crickets squares at Hilly Fields Park and Mayow Park 75,000
2010 MUGA and climbing wall at Wells Park, Sydenham 95,000
2011 New changing rooms for cricket pitch at Hilly Fields 55,000
  Cricket nets at Kangley Bridge Road 8,000
  Disability ramp and improved access for the disabled at
Willow Tree Riding Establishment
  Refurbish two tennis courts at Sydenham Wells Park 25,000
  All-weather cricket pitch, nets, fencing and equipment at
Abbotshill Road for Community Teach Sport
2012 Manor House Gardens User Group - refurbish playground & add table tennis 33,500
  Northbrook Park Community Group - new MUGA at Northbook Park 39,680
  Green Scene (LB Lewisham) - timber play & recreation equipt on Blackheath 50,000
  Community Teachsport - healthy lifestyle Community Centre at Abbotshall 100,000
2013 Outdoor activity equipment and MUGA at Grove Park  
  Community Group 27,000
  New skatepark at Folkestone Gardens 50,000
  Poolpod at Downham Leisure Centre 13,500
2014 Purchasing of specially adapted cycles at new inclusive cycling hub  20,513
2015 Towards a trim trail in Mountsfield Park to encourage local residents and park users to undertake more physical recreation activities and to enable use by local charities providing free fitness coaching. 19,999
  Towards floodlights at Catford Wanderers Tennis Club in order to increase the available playing hours and diversify the club’s membership. 19,999
  Towards tennis court improvements, floodlighting and a new electronic access system at Ladywell Fields as part of a wider transformation of park tennis across Lewisham through better quality facilities, an innovative and accessible activity programme and making it easier to book and pay for courts. 100,000
2017 Towards the installation of an outdoor gym in Chinbrook Meadows in Lewisham for use by park visitors of a wide range of sizes and abilities. 8,000