1992 Equipping wheelhouse on MV “Richmond Venturer”. 7,350
1993 Completion of wheelhouse and installation of safety equipment. 6,500
1998 Ball court at Heathfield, Whitton 18,488
  Mortlake Hall - Play equipment and seating 5,000
2000 2 Waterman cutters for 14th Richmond “Vikings” Sea Scouts 25,000
  Installation of heating on MV “Richmond Venturer” 10,000
2001 Children’s play equipment & safety surface at Westerly Ware 22,000
2002 Single scull boat at Walbrook Rowing Club 3,137
  Rowing equipment at Putney Town Rowing Club 10,000
2003 Multi use games areas at Stanley Junior School, Richmond 20,000
2005 New club house & boat storage at Royal Canoe Club Trust 80,000
2006 Increase height and length of tumble run for Richmond Gymnastics Association 50,000
2007 New boats for Royal Albert dock Trust & London Youth Rowing 50,000
2008 14th Richmond Scouts – two jolly boats 25,740
2009 Refurbishment of playgrounds in Richmond Park 125,000
  Improvements to playground in Bushey Park 100,000
  Twickenham Cricket Club – new artificial wicket 4,750
2010 Re-build BMX & Skate Park, King’s Field, Hampton Wick 45,000
  Adizone fitness activity point in Old Deer Park 30,000
  Natural play area, Vine Road Recreation Ground 40,000
2011 Extension for boxing club at Twickenham Brunswick
Club for Young People
  New public access launching ramp at Putney Rowing Club 50,000
  Create community swimming pool and fitness training suite
at St Richard's COE Primary School
  Expansion of clubhouse at Twickenham Rowing Club 85,000
2012 NPL Sports Club - replace derelict changing block 100,000
2013 Three beach volleyball courts at Broom Road Recreation  
  Ground 25,000
  Irrigation system at Ham Playing Fields 43,850
  Toddler play equipment at Hampton Common 25,000
  New cricket ground at Christ's School for Richmond Cricket Club 77,296
2014 Conversion of a redundant TAVR building into dedicated martial arts & fitness centre 150,000
  Creation of a new softball area, a new youth football pitch and general refurbishment of pitches at Ham Playing Fields 65,000
  Improvements to facilities at Pen Ponds car park, Richmond Park 20,000
  Development of a new sports park at Addison Road Estate, Hampton Wick 115,780
  Purchasing of two skerries and a trailer for Skerries for Schools 37,800
2015 Towards the installation of a new floodlit multi-use games area suitable for tennis and netball at Hampton Sport & Fitness Centre, which will host a range of community clubs, groups and activity programmes 100,000
2017 Towards the purchase of a specialist treadmill to be located at Integrated Neurological Services. The West London charity provides ongoing rehabilitation, education and support for over 600 people with long term neurological conditions. 6,265
  Towards the provision and installation of outdoor gym equipment  in North Sheen Recreation Ground to increase the facilities for local adults who currently face barriers to becoming active. 15,206