Waltham Forest

2020 Towards boxing equipment at East London Boxing Academy to provide opportunities for more members of the local community from a wide variety of backgrounds to train and take part in the sport. £17,000
2020 Towards updating and creating a new outdoor space for children and young people with life-limiting conditions at Haven House Children's Hospice in Waltham Forest. Children and their families will benefit from a fully accessible specialist play area and sensory garden, which will also be open to the local community. £104,000
2019 Towards the installation of a new drainage system on the rugby pitch at Woodford Rugby Club, enabling more women and girls to play rugby and increasing physical activity of the Club's members and the local community. £35,000
2019 Towards an extension to the Orion Harriers clubhouse on the edge of Epping Forest in order to increase changing room capacity and social/activity space, allowing the club to host regular mobility and functional movement classes aimed at over 60s and to deliver additional pathways into running for inactive people. £95,000
2019 Towards renovations to the clubhouse at Chingford Cricket Club including improvements to the wheelchair accessibility of the club, creating new playing opportunities for disabled users, children and women and girls. £20,000
2017 Towards the installation of a high-quality, outdoor, two-lane cricket practice facility at Sir George Monoux College to encourage and support community participation outside of school hours, especially amongst members of the South Asian community and those who are new to physical activity. £17,800
2014 Installation of a new all-weather practice facility at Walthamstow Cricket Club £30,672
2014 Improving adventure playground facilities at William Morris Hall £16,000
2013 Replacement artificial hockey pitch at Peter May Sports Ground for LPFF £75,000
2011 Reconfiguration of disused pavilion for urban beach development at The Score Centre £62,358
2010 Refurbishment of Waltham Forest College swimming pool £140,000
2010 Refurbishment of ATP at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre £176,313
2009 Creation of urban beach sports venue in Drapers Field £100,000
2008 New community bowling club pavilion in Lloyd & Aveline Park £85,000
2003 Multi-sports area, Thomas Gamuel Park £20,000
2002 Chingford Cricket Club – refurbishment of indoor cricket nets £18,682
2002 Leyton Orient Community Sports – revitalising of disused sports Areas, particularly at Ive Farm Sports Ground £50,000
2001 Cricket practice nets at Jubilee Sports Ground £8,615
2001 Trim Trail at Low Hall Sports Ground £3,000
2001 Skateboard equipment in Aveling Park £20,000
2001 Judo mats – Ridgeway Judo Club £3,419
2001 Equipment for disabled sports development £4,833
2000 New cricket table & football pitches at Chestnut Playing Field £50,000
2000 Replacement of synthetic cricket wickets at Low Hall £11,576
2000 Refurbishment of artificial turf surface at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre for London Playing Fields Society £30,580
1999 Outdoor cricket nets, Low Hall £12,000
1999 Wheelchair and access to Lloyd Park Bowling Green £2,429
1998 Judo mats, Kelmscott Leisure Centre £3,988
1996 Floodlit Cricket Nets, Salisbury Playing Fields £8,000
1996 Basketball Posts at Marlowe Road & Gamuel Park £2,038
1996 Waltham Forest YMCA - improved Access at Gymnasium £30,000
1995 Ventilation at Waltham Forest Pool Gym Facility £26,500
1995 London Playing Fields Society - Renovation of Cricket Nets, Douglas Eyre Sports Centre, Walthamstow £20,469
1991 Fitness equipment Waltham Forest Pool £9,409