2021 A grant towards repairing damage to the Greenhouse sports centre roof. £50,000
2017 Towards a permanent outdoor canopy at Tresham Centre for Disabled Children and Young People, enabling users to participate in play and a wide variety of outdoor activities all year round. £20,000
2017 Towards the transformation of an underused outdoor space on the Elgin Estate in Westminster into a health and fitness focused community garden. The garden will have three zones, the fitness court will include a sports pitch accommodating five-a-side football and basketball with an adjacent gym providing opportunities for individual and group exercise; The terrace a public entrance from the Harrow Road will provide opportunities for informal community gathering and exercise and the garden overlooking the sports pitch will provide space for reflection or occasional community events. £150,000
2017 Towards resurfacing and refencing the Lisson Green Estate football pitch in Westminster and delivery of physical activity programmes to key target audiences by London Tigers. £74,800
2017 Towards improvements to the tennis facilities and the provision of a new Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) suitable for football and netball at Hyde Park in the City of Westminster in order to offer year-round participation opportunities and increase community use of this iconic site for sport and physical activity. £150,000
2017 Towards improvements to the tennis facilities and the provision of new netball, mini tennis and PADEL tennis facilities at Regent's Park in the City of Westminster in order to offer year-round participation opportunities and increase community use of this iconic site for sport and physical activity. £150,000
2017 Towards the cost of installing a new toilet, shower and changing facility in St Paul's Church Centre in Westminster in order to enable the Centre to expand the range of physical activities that it offers at no or low cost to the community. £5,000
2017 Towards the purchase and installation of a climbing and bouldering wall for the Olympic-inspired 'Faster Higher Stronger' project delivered by the Fourth Feathers Youth Club in Westminster which will create brand new facilities to encourage and support physical activity among young people, as well as women and those from ethnic minorities. £13,950
2017 Towards remodelling and refurbishing Jubilee Hall Gym which will support growth in female membership and participation, allow more targeted work with older people, engage and support local people from lower socio-economic groups to access the facilities and allow the charity to re-establish a GP referral scheme at the site. £165,000
2017 Towards the replacement of the ageing hot water and heating system at Westminster Boating Base to support the delivery of water based physical activities to individuals and groups, including those from target groups audiences and deprived communities. £10,000
2015 Towards the creation of the Greenhouse Sports Centre, an accessible community sports centre in the deconsecrated Christ Church creating a regionally significant table tennis, sitting volleyball, judo and fitness training facility for use by the local community. £500,000
2014 Installation of outdoor gym equipment at Peabody Tachbrook Estate £30,000
2014 Installation of outdoor gym equipment at Lisson Green Estate £40,000
2014 Provision of enhanced "free to access" outdoor fitness facilities by installing MUGA at Queens Park Court £11,522
2014 Reconfiguration of building to provide improved and accessible changing rooms and showers £66,467
2013 Improvements to swimming pool at The Porchester Centre £100,000
2012 Royal Parks - improvements to Marylebone Green Playground £150,000
2012 New synthetic MUGA and community gym at Queen's park Gardens £100,000
2011 Play equipment at South Carriage Drive Playground £125,000
2011 Extension for community fitness facility at The Porchester Centre £100,000
2010 Improvements to Parade Ground, Hyde Park £75,000
2010 Replace athletics track at Paddington Recreation Ground £125,000
2010 Refurbish two MUGAs at Academy Sport £20,000
2010 Outdoor activity and boating equipment at Westminster Boating Base and Paddington Basin £30,000
2010 Improvement to play facilities at Victoria Tower Gardens for Royal Parks £120,000
2010 Phase III of improvements to Parade Ground, Hyde Park £100,000
2009 New community gym & fitness rooms at Jubilee Sports Centre £100,000
2009 Outdoor fitness facility in St Mary's Churchyard £40,000
2008 Improve football and basketball pitch at Lisson Green Estate £62,750
2008 Create Parkour park at Moberley sports Centre £80,000
2008 Building extension for new community gym at Paddington Recreation Ground £120,000
2007 Improvements to Parade Ground, Hyde Park £250,000
2007 Climbing Centre & community gym at Seymour Leisure Centre £100,000
2007 Community fitness & teaching centre at Queen Mother Sports Centre £70,000
2007 Provision of MUGA at Lisson Gardens £33,500
2006 Air conditioning at St Andrews Club £5,224
2006 Refurbish sports pitch at Brunel Estate £40,000
2005 New sports flooring at Moberley Sports and Education Centre £50,000
2005 MUGA beneath Westway £80,000
2005 Refurbish skatepark at Westway £40,000
2005 Replacement of beachhead at Hyde Park Lido £120,000
2004 Royal Parks Agency – playground refurbishment Hyde Park Lido £50,000
2004 Refurbish kick about area at New Trinity Mews £45,000
2004 Refurbish senior playground at Westbourne Green £50,000
2004  Kickabout area on Hallfield Estate kickabout area on Hallfield Estate £25,000
2002 Restoration of kickabout area at Queens Park Gardens £40,000
2002 Royal Parks Agency – changing rooms in new pavilion £100,000
2001 Royal Parks Agency – upgrading of sports pitches in Regents Park £75,000
2000 Royal Parks Agency - playground refurbishment in Hyde Park £75,000
1999 Westminster Play Association - refurbish play area at Sussex Street Play Project £31,850
1998 Royal Parks Agency - New tennis courts, Hyde Park £95,000
1996 Westminster City School - Rugby Posts £1,210
1995 Underground Play Area, St James' & St Michael– School £20,000
1994 Upgrade Hard Play Area at Churchill Gardens Estate £45,000
1993 Westminster city School - 1 year– use of climbing wall at North London Rescue Command. £1,160
1993 The Budokwai - Refurbishment costs (showers) at Budokwai Centre. £15,000
1992 Disabled access Moberly Sports Centre. £5,710
1992 Westminster City School - PE equipment. £1,970
1991 Disabled access & facilities Paddington Sports Centre. £5,205
1989 Climbing frames and mats for toddlers within 7 borough libraries. £840
1989 Weather & pollution monitoring centre. £2,383
1988 Renovation at Westbourne Green Sports Complex. £10,000
1985 Refurbishment fitness training room at Jubilee Sports Centre. £5,000
1984 Improvements at Paddington Recreation Ground. £35,000
1983 Westminster Youth Games. £4,000
1982 Physical fitness circuit in public open space. £3,000
1981 Safety surfacing for playground at Porchester Square, W2. £1,500