Our Vision, Mission and Values


A society in which everyone is physically active, contributing to their health and wellbeing.


To provide funding to:

  • Initiatives that enable people to become and remain physically active regardless of age, gender, ability, race or background and challenge inequality of access to physical activity.
  • Build, renovate or modernise facilities to support such initiatives.



Operating with ambition and determination to deliver a positive and inspiring legacy. We seek to influence others in ways that leave a lasting positive impact.


Putting inclusion, accessibility, equality and diversity at the heart of our work. We want to make sure that all people and communities across the UK have equal opportunities to access physical activity.


Assisting and empowering communities to deliver our shared objectives. We recognise that there are obstacles and barriers for many people to access physical activity and we will ensure that we work with stakeholders to help communities get the maximum benefit from our funding.


Bringing together initiatives and funding streams to achieve high quality, lasting benefits for communities. We will strive to improve our effectiveness continually, implementing best practice in order to develop programmes that are focused on the outcomes and the positive difference they make to communities.


Acting in an open, honest and transparent way at all times. We will act responsibly and with respect at all times.