Apply For Funding

Applying for a Major Capital Grant

Two-Stage Application Process

We have a two-stage online application process for our Major Capital Grants Programme.

We make funding decisions four times a year.

Each project for which you are seeking funding must be submitted as a separate application. If you apply for funding for more than one project you must explain the priority ranking of these projects.

We will let you know whether you will be invited to submit a detailed Stage 2 application no more than 16 weeks from the application deadline.

If you are unsuccessful, you may only reapply once for the same project. It is therefore important to make the best case you can at the first stage. If you are unsuccessful at Stage 1 we will provide feedback on how you can strengthen your application should you wish to reapply.

What information we ask for in the Stage 1 application form:

  • A brief description of your organisation, its achievements and how it is run.
  • A brief description of the capital works involved in your project and how the facility improvements will help to increase participation in physical activity, sport and/or play at the site.
  • An initial budget for the project and a partnership funding breakdown showing how you expect to fund the work.
  • An explanation of the need for the project, including information on how you have identified demand for the facilities, details of any consultation you have undertaken and support for the proposals from strategic partners and the local community.
  • An explanation of the impact the project will have on participation in physical activity, sport and/or play at the site, including information on how the facility improvements will support your work to engage and support more people to be physically active, particularly those who are currently physically inactive.
  • An explanation of how you will ensure the long term sustainability of your facilities and the activity programmes they support, including information on how you will manage, maintain and market the facilities to ensure they are financially sustainable and well used for years to come.
  • Evidence of your track record, ability to get people more physically active and experience of working with individuals and groups which are physically inactive.
  • A list of outcomes the project will help you achieve and an explanation of how you will do this.
  • Information on the target groups that will benefit from the project.
  • An estimate of how the project will impact on the number of people being physically active at the facilities/site.
  • A description of how you will monitor, measure and evaluate the impact of the project on the outcomes and targets you have identified.

You will be required to upload the following documents at Stage 1:

  • A Project Budget Document detailing the capital and revenue costs associated with your project.
  • Evidence of your organisation’s security of tenure over the project site for the required period in the name of the applicant.
  • A copy of your organisation’s Governing Document (not required for statutory bodies).
  • A copy of your organisation’s most recent audited or accountant verified accounts (not required for statutory bodies).
  • Photographs of your organisation’s existing facilities and/or the site where the project will take place.

What information we ask for at Stage 2:

If we invite you to Stage 2, we will ask for more detailed information about your project. You don’t need you to complete another application form, we simply ask you to upload some supporting documents through the online application portal.

The information that we require at Stage 2 is listed below:

  • Detailed designs for your facilities.
  • A detailed budget for the entire project, including an explanation of how you would propose to spend any grant from The Trust.
  • A detailed timeline for the project.
  • A detailed business plan for the sustainability of your facility once it has been built/renovated.
  • A detailed proposal for how you will measure the impact of the facility and your other programmes to encourage and support new participants, especially those who have not previously been engaged in physical activity, sport and/or play.
  • Evidence of planning permission granted (where applicable).
  • Relevant physical activity and sport development plans.
  • Child Protection Policy (for all projects involving children).
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults’ Policy (for projects involving vulnerable adults).
  • Evidence of partnership funding (where already pledged).
  • Copies of the organisation’s bank statements for the last three months (not required for statutory bodies).
  • Photocopy of Affiliation to NGB sports where required.
  • Three letters of support, including those giving evidence of your organisation’s ability to increase participation in physical activity, sport and/or play (particularly amongst the physically inactive).

At this stage we will also arrange to visit the project site, meet you and find out more about your organisation’s work.

We aim to make a decision within 16 weeks of the Stage 2 submission deadline. If our review of your Stage 2 information takes longer we will be in touch.

The deadlines for applying for funding can be viewed below.

Please note: If you are working towards a specific start day, you must submit your application at least four weeks before the corresponding application deadline.

Major Capital Grants Decision Timetable*

Stage 1 Application
Notification of Decision
at Stage 1
Earliest Possible
Notification of Decision
at Stage 2
23 July 2018 By the beginning of October 2018 End of January 2019
17 October 2018 By the beginning of January 2019 End of April 2019
16 January 2019 By the beginning of April 2019 End of July 2019
16 April 2019 By the beginning of July 2019 End of October 2019
9 July 2019 By the beginning of October 2019 End of January 2020

* This is an approximate timetable. Timescales and later deadlines may be subject to change. All applicants invited to Stage 2 have up to 12 months to submit their Stage 2 application.