Applying to the Facilities Grants Programme – Small Grants

Application process

  • We have a simple two-page pre-application Expression of Interest (EOI) form to confirm eligibility of the organisation and project. You will be informed of the outcome of your proposal within 15 working days 
  • Should you be invited to submit an application, we will send you a link to our Small Grants online application form 
  • We make funding decisions four times a year and outcomes dates are available on our FAQs page
  • We aim to inform you of the Trustees’ decision on your full application within 12 weeks of the application deadline 
  • If you are unsuccessful in your first application, you will be able to reapply only once more for the same project. It is therefore important to make the best case you can

Information we ask for in the EOI form:

  • Project description: A brief description of your proposed project
  • Objectives: A brief explanation of what you are aiming to achieve through the project
  • Security of tenure: Proof of your security of tenure over the project site (either leasehold or freehold)

Information we ask for in the Small Grants application form:

  • Budget: A budget for the project
  • Fundraising plan: A partnership funding breakdown showing how you expect to fund the work 
  • Needs case: An explanation of the need for the project
  • Delivery plans and outcomes: An explanation of the impact the project will have on participation in physical activity, sport and/or play at the site
  • Sustainability plans: An explanation of how you will ensure the long term sustainability of your facilities and the activity programmes they support

You will also be required to upload some supporting documents alongside your application.

For a detailed explanation of the Small Grants application process and a full list of what we ask for, please refer to the documents below:

Facilities Grants Programme – Small Grants EOI Guide

Facilities Grants Programme – Small Grants Application Guide

Small Grants Decision Timetable*

Expressions of interest may be submitted at any time. Those applicants who are eligible will then be invited to complete a simple, one-stage online application for a Small Grant.

The deadlines for submission of a Small Grants application are listed below:

Small Grants Application Deadline Notification of Decision date
11 March 2020 By the middle of May 2020
27 May 2020 By the beginning of August 2020
10 September 2020 By the middle of November 2020

* You may submit an EOI for a Small Grant at any time. We will let you know whether you have been invited to submit a Small Grant application form no later than 15 days after submission of the EOI. You must submit an EOI no later than four weeks before an application deadline in order to have a chance of submitting a full application to that deadline.

Please note, if you are working towards a specific earliest possible start date, you must submit your EOI at least four weeks before the corresponding application deadline.