Bagshot and Crawley Rise Tennis Club

The Bagshot and Crawley Rise Tennis Club was awarded £20,000 towards the resurfacing of two tennis courts. The project involved resurfacing two of the tennis courts with artificial clay in order to provide two all-weather courts, and enabling the club to encourage and support those who are physically inactive to take up tennis.

Since the completion of the project, the club has witnessed an immediate positive impact demonstrated by both a growth in membership and uptake of their coaching programme. Adult membership has increased by 50% with nearly 60% of these new members being female, and junior membership has also increased. The resurfaced courts have also provided a solution to retaining junior members over the winter months – typically the seasonal drop in junior participation was 20%, but with the two artificial clay courts being reserved for junior coaching and play, the club was able to retain all the junior members throughout the winter.  This increase in membership has exceeded expectations, to the extent that the club has now obtained planning permission for a new court. 

When considering the overall impact of the project, the club notes “the new surface has proved a vital catalyst in attracting new members. It offers a much safer surface for juniors, beginners and older members and provides the certainty, that in all but the most severe weather conditions, play will be possible on a year round basis”.

The London Marathon Charitable Trust provides funding to help thousands of children and adults across the UK to become and remain active for life, especially amongst those who are physically inactive, and children and young people outside of school hours. When reviewing the support received from The London Marathon Charitable Trust, the club has reported the funding “provided an impact beyond the value of the new surface itself. The club held an open day on October 2017 which was attended by trustee Donna Fraser on behalf of The London Marathon Charitable Trust. This enabled us to attract the Mayor and Councilors of Surrey Heath and many local people, greatly helping to achieve recognition of the club and what it was doing. Success breeds success and our enhanced profile was extremely valuable in attracting new members and consolidated both our existing membership and coaching team.”