Guildford Archery Club

The Guildford Archery Club received an award of £14,441 to fund the expansion of their clubhouse. The project involved the construction of a new accessible piazza shooting range and perimeter fencing, to be used by all the club members, visitors, disabled groups and beginner groups. 

When reviewing the impact of the project, the Guildford Archery Club stated the “new facilities that LMCT helped us fund have greatly enhanced the quality of the experience we are able to offer”, and this in turn has resulted in more people participating in archery at the Club. Since the completion of the project, adult and junior membership have grown as the club is now able to provide dry, stable facilities that can be used all year round. By providing better facilities the club has been able to appeal to a wider range of participants and visitors and the number of female members and disabled members have both increased. The new facilities have also enabled the club to hold frequent courses for beginners, with each course introducing 25 new people to archery, as well as specialised events for visually impaired and disabled participants. 

The London Marathon Charitable Trusts provides funding to help thousands of children and adults across the UK to become and remain active for life, particularly amongst underrepresented groups, and the Guildford Archery Club project has shown how developing accessible facilities can lead to greater participation in sport and a more active club.