London Borough of Lambeth – Brixton Recreation Centre (Boxing)

The London Borough of Lambeth received an award of £25,000 towards creating a permanent boxing gym in Brixton, to provide the residents within the borough access to affordable exercise. The project involved working in partnership with Afewee Boxing Club, a local grassroots sports charity, to establish a permanent boxing gym in Brixton Recreation Centre, within a previously unused space. Previously Afewee Boxing Club had been using a shared space in the centre and this constrained what they were able to deliver.

A key focus of the project was to increase the overall number of young female participants in the boxing club by 25% over three years, and Afewee Boxing Club planned to achieve this through holding additional sessions and female only sessions. The Club nearly achieved their three year aim within the first year of the project’s completion, with young female participation increasing by 20%. The implementation of two additional sessions per week (one for ages 5-10 and the other for ages 11-16) helped to increase the numbers of young female participants, and this was only made possible due to the relocation to the new boxing gym. Also, the club has so far found it has not needed to introduce female only boxing sessions for this age group, instead finding there to be significant benefits to having boys and girls working together in the same environment.

The new permanent facility has also enabled Afewee Boxing Club to secure corporate sponsorship to allow them to perform outreach work to local schools, as well as securing a contract with Fulham Football Club to deliver boxing instruction in a local youth club. The new facility is helping to widen the outreach of Afewee Boxing Club, which in turn provides more opportunities for physical activity amongst more people.