Maculelê UK – Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute

Maculelê UK – Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute was awarded £5,350 towards purchasing soft flooring to encourage participation in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira and associated dances and activities such as Yoga. The project involved funding portable tatami mats to help the venue become more suitable and appealing to children, young people and women, aiming to increase their participation in physical activity.

Along with the myriad of social benefits brought about by the project, the new flooring has also helped participants to improve their general well-being, by adopting more active lifestyles and having a reliable venue to practice and develop their skills. One of the goals of the project was to reach 260 new users – a goal which was achieved within the first year of the project’s completion, with a reported 272 participants using the facilities during that year of whom 250 were previously inactive. The project has also helped to increase participation in physical activity amongst women, children aged 4-12 and young people aged 12-25.

A focus for The London Marathon Charitable Trust is to provide funding to help thousands of children and adults across the UK to become and remain active for life, particularly amongst underrepresented groups. The funding awarded to the Cultural Exchange Institute has allowed the venue to cater for a wider range of participants, including young people with disabilities, their carers and women only groups, helping to provide more opportunities for physical activity to a wider audience. Regarding the funding, the Maculelê UK – Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Institute stated, “Being funded by The London Marathon Charitable Trust also gave our organisation the chance to work alongside other local organisations and get better known in the community, which resulted in more funding opportunities”, helping the venue to continue providing opportunities for physical activity.