Marlborough Sports Garden in Southwark

A free public sports ground for families has opened in central London’s Southwark, after having being awarded a £145,000 grant from The London Marathon Charitable Trust (The Trust). The site was officially launched in May 2018 by former Team GB Olympic diver and local resident, Tom Daley.

The new Marlborough Sports Garden is located just off Borough High Street, near London’s famous Borough Market, and features a wide range of high-quality sporting facilities including a full sized beach volleyball court, table tennis tables, paved tennis courts, a large sandpit, trampoline park, basketball courts, wall ball and more.  



Sarah Ridley, Chief Grants Officer for the London Marathon Charitable Trust said: “Space is vital. If you want to be active then you need to have somewhere to do it. Sadly, in much of London there aren’t many dedicated areas for young children to be active in.

“This is a paved space but it’s a great space. It’s one of the largest areas around here for kids to really burn off some energy, participate in team sports and learn new skills. These things are so important. If you’re not active in your early youth then the chance of you being active later in life is diminished.”

A Bankside Open Spaces Trust project, this revitalised sports ground provides a safe environment in the middle of the city where parents can let their children run free and be active. Marlborough Sports Garden is one of the only local areas designed for younger children to practice sports.

According to Sarah Ridley: “We are delighted to be a part of this project. Already we can see so many smiling young faces enjoying its facilities.

“What’s great about this, is that runners from the marathon and other London Marathon Events are generating funds for The London Marathon Charitable Trust and this enables us to plough money back into the local areas, which allow the community to take part in physical activity all year round. It’s a wonderful circle of activity.”