Masonian Bowls Club

The Masonian Bowls Club in the London Borough of Hounslow was awarded £10,740 towards green enhancements to make the club more sustainable, and towards entrance improvements to help attract new members. The project involved installing a new irrigation system to reduce water consumption and renovating the entrance to improve visibility of the club from the park, to better engage with the public and attract new members. 

The installation of the irrigation system has improved the quality of the green and allowed volunteers to spend less time maintaining the green and more time organizing events to attract new members to the club. As a result of this, 142 new participants have tried bowls during the first year since the project was completed. The club has also attracted new members and 100% of those new members have confirmed that they have become more active since joining the club. The renovated entrance has also helped to increase the number of people watching bowls matches, helping to raise awareness of the club and the opportunity to participate in the  physical activity that it offers.