If Your Facilities Grant is Approved

What happens after we make our decisions?

  • Once our Trustees have approved a grant, we will write to you outlining the terms and conditions of our grant offer, what we need in terms of reports and how we will make payments.
  • We monitor grants throughout their life cycle and will ask you for reports and financial information at specified intervals.
  • We expect you to monitor and review progress. You MUST let us know if anything significant changes during the course of the grant, such as the financial condition of your organisation, the senior management team, or something which could materially affect the purpose for which the grant was made.
  • Your successes are important but we realise that we often learn most when things do not go according to plan, or even fail. If this happens, we need you to be open with us so that we both learn from the work we fund.
  • We pay grantees on completion of the proposed facilities project. The grant will be paid only on satisfactory completion of all of the works and submission of the relevant paperwork.

The practicalities of reporting

  • We will ask you to send us a report every six months after you receive a grant offer from us until you have completed your facility improvement project.
  • We expect that you will have completed your project within two years of us making the grant offer.
  • We also require you to send us an Annual Project Impact Report (APIR) for three years after the facility improvement project is complete to tell us about the impact of the project on encouraging and supporting people to become and remain physically active, particularly children and young people and/or underrepresented groups.
  • We will send email reminders with report templates shortly before a six monthly report or APIR is due. We want to hear how projects are progressing and the impact completed projects have had on physical activity levels.


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