Current Priorities

In order to achieve our vision, mission and priorities we have divided our grantmaking into two grant programmes.

Please note that we do not accept unsolicited applications for Strategic Partnership Grants.

  Facilities Grants Strategic Partnership Grants
What do we fund? Projects that
    improve facilities in our core area of London
to encourage and support all members of the local community to be physically active.
Projects that challenge inequality of access to physical activity.

Projects that deliver the greatest possible impact for our target audiences: children and young people and groups we know are less likely to be active, such as women and girls, ethnically diverse communities, people from lower socio-economic groups, older people and disabled people.
Where do we fund? All the London boroughs and the City of London United Kingdom

(including our core areas of London)
What are we looking for? Organisations with excellent ideas and a real commitment to engaging with the local community.

Projects providing inclusive, accessible and sustainable facilities for physical activity.
Organisations with a successful track record of tackling inequality of access to physical activity and working with our target audiences.

Ambitious and innovative projects that deliver the greatest possible impact for our target audiences.