Facilities Grants Programme - What We Don't Fund

The Trust does not provide funding towards any of the following through the Facility Grants Programme:

  • Projects that cannot meet The Trust’s security of tenure requirements for a Facilities Grant
  • Ongoing revenue costs of running an organisation and/or operating and maintaining facilities
  • Personal sports equipment and clothing (eg bats, balls, gloves, kit etc) 
  • Purchase of vehicles such as tractors and ride-on lawn mowers
  • Living quarters for grounds staff or club employees 
  • Support for individuals, including coaching, training and student grants or bursaries 
  • General and round-robin appeals 
  • Activities that promote religious beliefs
  • Campaigns 
  • Organisations that cannot demonstrate appropriate governance
  • Projects that are not focused on community access and benefit
  • Projects intended primarily for private gain 
  • Projects focused solely on delivering curricular activity (eg at an educational establishment)
  • Projects that contribute directly to a company’s distributable profits 
  • Funds to build up reserves or surplus
  • Loan repayments 
  • Retrospective payments – we will not reimburse costs already incurred 

The Trust primarily provides capital funding towards facility improvements through the Facilities Grants Programme. We also want to make sure you have enough funding to get people active at your facility. Therefore projects that receive funding for facility improvements are also eligible to apply for some revenue funding towards activities that are essential to ensuring encouragement and support of the local community to become and remain physically active at the project site. 

For more information on the revenue funding that is available through The Trust’s Facilities Grants Programme please refer to the following documents